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Codex balance changes

I remembered seeing a thing that the Battlecon pbf playerbase use a community agreed-upon set of balance changes to fix problem cards and make more characters viable. Is this something that Codex PBF players would be open to doing? I think this is a good idea, but I’m not the only player here, nor am I a community leader. Nonetheless I think it’s absolutely worth talking about.

I am… Astonished. Perhaps you should look around some threads from the last few months


I missed that initially as went a few months hiatus from Codex. Are these changes possibly becoming a normal part of Codex PBF, or is it just for the Experimental Tourney?

The end goal is certainly to find a set of community accepted changes that tightens the balance, but it’s going to take a while.


I look forward to seeing the results. Looking through the current changelist draft, the only one I don’t like is Time Rune cards like Seer not affecting the opponent’s stuff. But maybe that’s just me being a cruel person who likes to break the opponent’s plays


And really, thats the problem, If I can play with time runes without worry, right up until I’m facing purple, its just weird. That said, I’m in favor of leaving the mirror match interaction in place. But I do see the logic in removing it. (I also enjoyed original MTG slivers, but that mirror was even more degenerate than anything time runes does)


I can see why people would want to change it, but I hope it gets to stay

I personally dont see why they are being changed, given it only matter in mirrors (and hence the balance is by definition 5-5), it isnt a snowballing effect, and it leads to the mirror being very different to other matchups (same as Stewardess + Mox interation). But I dont see it mattering much, so I dont see the harm

The mirror matches are 5-5 if you average over turn order. If you don’t, then I doubt it.

true, but I dont think being on the play/worker matter that much for the forecast cards (in the mirror at least), but I would imagine they favour P1. P2 Purple defo has an advantage anyway, so if anything it worsens the P1/P2 balance.

I have thought of an idea.
People say Strength is too strong, and that a lot of that reason is because Rook+Birds is incredibly good in almost any deck, being versatile, a strong defensive and offensive force, and hard to remove.
The last experimental tournament with its mammoth list of changes included one to Bird’s Nest, allowing only one bird to be resummoned each turn. In my opinion, this makes the card significantly worse. So, I propose an alternative:

When Bird’s Nest is destroyed, sacrifice two birds.

This way, the birds don’t stick around for way longer than they should, and thematically it makes more sense too. Without Rook and their Nest, why would they be hanging around the battlefield?
I think this keeps the power of the card quite high, but still allowing slightly more counter-play, because if you kill Rook, the birds leave too.


Love it. Makes total sense. It will still be a good card I think.