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Codex available on Amazon!

Browsing through Amazon, I noticed a peculiar item in my Recommended feed. Lo and Behold, the Codex Core Set!

Now, I have my Deluxe box already, but I think it’s worth noting that the game has officially hit Amazon so you can tell your friends that it’s a mere 2 days away from play (as long as they have Prime).

They also have the Sleeves listed as in-stock, leaving me to wonder if my pre-order from Sirlin Games is on its way :cry:


A massive number of pre-orders shipped today, now that all Kickstarter orders have shipped (except for the EU shipment, which as mentioned in the Kickstarter update today will be shipping out over the next 2-3 days). I’m not sure if it’s literally all our pre-orders shipped today; there might be another batch going out tomorrow or the next day. You might have already got a shipping notification earlier today (check your spam folder?), but if not then it should come soon!


I figured that was the case! No email yet, but I’m patient.

…I ordered another 100 sleeves from Amazon anyway though, so I could have 800 instead of 700. Just in case. :disguisedmonkey:

Cool thanks for the heads up on this. I just posted a quick review about Codex on Amazon but it’s not up yet. Apparently Amazon looks over reviews now before they are posted.

Wow I’m a little disappointed that I have to wait until next week to get my pre-order when I could have just ordered on Amazon and get next day free shipping, no tax, and painless returns for missing cards.

You’re supporting the creator by buying from his store (so he gets all the middle-man $$).