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Choice of NON Codex Binders?

Hi friends, dunno if this is redundant but I can’t easily find a topic about it specifically.

I purchased all the cards (not deluxe) and I plan on sleeving them (with bad sleeves) but I don’t have all binders.

I was wondering if you guys had any particular binders that you guys recommend?
Specifically, I was looking for 12 pocket binders, because it would be very easy to divide each spec per page.
A popular binder is the BCW 12-Pocket Z-Folio LX Trading Card Albums, but the pages are not removable, which I think would be nice for easily removing specs for using.

Likewise, the 4-UP Playset Black PRO-Binder that Rico mentions does not have removable sleeves.

If no such product exists of decent quality and reasonable price, I suppose this portfolio would suffice because I could load the 2 playing binders, but I wanted to ask if you guys had anything you think is worth looking at.


Recently I bough one big 3ring binder (I think 1inch) and two small 3ring binders.
Then I got 50pages of card holders. Each sheet hold 9 cards on each side.
So that is 1 sheet per spec + some sheets to hold starter cards and map cards.
(I used about 25 sheets )

I got the idea from somewhere, basically you take the 3spec sheets you wanna play, remove the starters, and put them in your smaller binder.
Once you start playing random hero combinations, this way is the most convenient.

Getting card out isnt as seamless as original codex binders but couldnt find better options
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I like the “Office Depot® Brand 2-Pocket Poly Portfolios With Prongs” and the discontinued two-sided top-loading pages from BCW. Since those are probably like really hard to find, the more annoying side-loading pages from BCW are maybe ok.

How do you fit all the cards of one spec in a 9 card sleeve?

Were they 9 or 12 pockets? (if 12 got any links?)

It is 9 pockets on the front and 9 on the back. So, 1 sheet per spec.
Calamandra uses more tokens than the rest of the cast so in hee case some pockets will need to have 3 cards instead of just 2.

After shooting the vid I added one more sheet for the Map Cards


Oh thanks. What do you do for counters then?


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They have 9 pockets on one side and 9 pockets on the other side.

@sharpobject @MVashM
I’m gonna buy 18 pocket sheets, but they come in 25, 50, or 10s. How many sheets did you guys use exactly, so I don’t have a bunch of extras that I don’t need (and lost dollars)
I am only using one megabinder, and the 2 codex binders for play

also, anyone know if these are any good or if I should just stick with the ultra pro?

what are those boxes called? I’m trying to google for them

I dont really know what these boxes are called. I got it locally for like $2

6x3+2 so 20 heroes
1 map 4 starters

You need 25x 18-pocket sheets


thanks man you’ve been a huge help

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