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Chip holder custom made?


I’m looking for a way to get rid the player screens in order to save some space on the gaming table. I guess a chip holder, like a card holder or a Scrabble’s holder, would be a good alternative.

Has anybody found a way to do that?


If only the chips were Quarter sized, then we could use these:


Help-your-kids-keep-their-cards-organized-and-visible-by-building-these-simple-Playing-Card-Hold%20(2)Try a scrabble block holder. I have a feeling that’ll work. I don’t think they’ll roll off, but I wouldn’t know because I use the print-n-play. :blush:

If that doesn’t work, all you need is any piece of wood that you cut a line in (like the picture). If you have or have a friend that has a saw, just cut a short line at an angle in any piece of wood lengthwise, and you’ll be all set. If you have a table saw our a circular saw it’s really easy because you can adjust the angle.

Man, you could even glue some popsicle sticks together :blush:

Search online for “homemade playing card holder”, and you’ll see a lot of really cool ideas that you can easily modify to fit chips.


Thanks for your input guys.

I found these on amazon :
scrabble holder 1
scrabble holder 2

I think I’ll give it a go with these and see how it works.

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Oh! I feel dumb for forgetting that this board game exists;

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This is fantastic! I’ll see if I can’t get my hand on a box on the second-hand market, and it will be even cheaper.

Thank you!!

What game is that? I’ve never seen it before.

It’s called Rummikub, you can find it most places they sell random Monopoly and Sorry! like games, or in the casual section of your FLGS.

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