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Chinese Version Codex!

An Personal Chinese version of Codex is already finished! I`m a big fan of Sirlin games, expecially codex. So i translated all cards by myself to enjoy this game with my friends! Hope you would like it too!:smiling_imp:


new user can only post one pic. lol.

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CN rule book!

Awesome ! :smiley:
Great work man :slight_smile:

How did you translate puns such as Doubling Barbarbarian or Appel Stomp ? :slight_smile:
I didn’t know there were Chinese Codex players. Is there a Yomi scene too ? :slight_smile:

双倍巴巴巴利安 and 平果步

almost 10 codex players in Guangzhou now. we are about to held a tourmant this weekend.
and yes, many yomi players in china too.


Wow, incredible.
@sirlin @leontes check this out

Super great, man!


Wow, how did you get the card backgrounds so clean?

i bought the pnp version.

Amazing. As a fellow Chinese speaker the translation work was done extremely well, especially the adaptation of certain English verbiage and puns without making them sound awkward. Great job.


Amazing.this must have taken a lot of effort over extended period of time.

Wow I never noticed the extra ‘bar’ !
I always read it barbarian.

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after i double dinosize barian once, all my friends call it One Punch Man now. LoL.