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Challenge: Playtest and break the game!

Hey guys! With Sirlin’s kind permission, I’m looking for playtesters for my upcoming card game Thalara: The Last Artifacts. Ideally, you’re experienced with high-level play of competitive duel games. So if you’ve played any of Sirlin’s games, you’re probably qualified. :wink:

Thalara is a low-luck, asymmetric hand-building game that features a totally unique mechanic called “hand-locking”. It’s really easy to get into, because I’m trying to reach casual gamers as well, but you’ll be surprised by the depth. As there’s almost zero luck, balancing is obviously a big thing.

So this is the challenge: Try your best to find game-breaking strategies! Are there any moves that are strictly better than any others? Is there any way to become nearly unbeatable with one of the available characters?

There are two ways to get into the game: You can download the free print and play on The PnP does include only two characters, but it’s enough to get a feeling for the game.

As a Sirlin fan, you have access to more free characters. Just send me a mail to, tell me what kind of characters you usually like or just what kind of playstyles you prefer, and I’ll send you characters that match your preferences. Of course, you can just try the public PnP first before you decide to get more characters. That’s up to you :slight_smile:

I’m very thankful for each and every feedback you have.
Thank you for your help, I hope you enjoy the game!


Im printin and will get back to you. I think this is in the vein of sirlin games