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Challenge #7 : Midori's Dragon Form Rushdown Tips and Solution

Hi everyone ! As I couldn’t find it on the web, I share my tips and my solution for Puzzle Strike’s Challenge #7 : Midori’s Dragon Form.

Tip 1

You don’t have to :pscrash: every turn.

Tip 2

The only aggressive bank chip is Dashing Strike and it’s a good idea to aim for it.

Detailed Solution

Keep Dragon Form on the whole run
Turn 1 : Secret Move :blackarrow: :pscrash: :ps2gem:, buy Dashing Strike
Turn 2 : One of Each :blackarrow: Chip Damage :blackarrow: Training Day to trade Ebb or Flow for a Combine, buy anything and then :pspig::pspig: :pscrash: and Combine
Turn 3 : Combine :ps2gem: and :ps2gem: then :pscrash: :ps4gem:
Turn 4 : Combine :ps2gem: and :ps2gem: again then :pscrash: :ps4gem: