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CAWS 2016: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. zhavier ([Necro]/Blood/Truth)

Actually, I think you were lucky that you didn’t play nullcraft on Turn 8, as I had an Ogre just dieing to recruit it. And yea, going for double sharks and missing, thats rough. You would have been able to end it right there because I would have a completely dead hand, and in retrospect I should have teched spells instead of PGCs because I was never going to have the gold to build Tech 3, with all the pressure you could bring.

Stealing Nullcraft means you couldn’t kill the Drill Sergeant. My turn 9 would be 2nd Sergeant, 2x Cadet, Fading Argo, Zane, Sharks!. Zane and one Shark clears your patrol zone (plus I have a Stewardess that you either used an attacker on, or can attack), Old Sergeant hits your base for 11, move 7 runes to 2nd Shark and hit for another 10.

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ur my hero!

Tough draw not to get sharks (83% you get 1 or both of them, 17% to get neither!), GG WP to both was fun to watch!

Yeah, I was about 4/7 to win against Armed Pirate after my last reshuffle (I needed either Garrison or Boot Camp to be in the cards I drew for my final turn’s hand), and > 11/12 to win this one (7/12 to be able to play Nullcraft last turn, and 5/6 to hit Sharks this turn)

Of course, if I had patrolled in Tech instead of Scavenger, I wouldn’t have needed to get lucky with my draws.