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[Casual] Multiplayer Codex Game TABLE TALK

Its been a while since we had a multiplayer event on the forum.

I’d like to do this one with a bit of a twist. I will create a randomized list of the 20 codices, and hold it in secret. You all will pick or random 3 numbers from 1-20. First signup should random 3 numbers for me too, and after signups are done I will reveal the specs for each number. Duplicate specs are allowed. You can choose your starter from among the 3 specs once they are revealed.

Also random 1-100 for player order, highest will go first.

Please note, multiplayer is chaotic and requires tracking the effects of multiple players turns. Multiplayer is very different from standard codex, especially in that the whims of other players can effect you in unexpected ways.

We will have 2 threads, 1 for table talk, and 1 for turns and nothing but turns (ideally). No edits should be made to a turn post once it has been created except to correct errors. The table talk thread can be used for anything, including pointing out errors.

Multiplayer introduces bounties. This generally has made black more powerful, but with great power comes a giant bullseye, so black rarely wins. There has been a LOT of debate about how bounties work, but the latest clarification (from sirlin on high) is that if an enemy unit dies, regardless of why, you get to collect a bounty, up to a max of 3g for 3 units. This means that Sacrifice the Weak will actually net you 1g, if there are 3 opponents with units to be sacrificed, but again, giant bullseye.

We will expect people to be able to post at least once every other day, though in practice it tends to go faster.

Signups listed here:

@zhavier [Present]/Anarchy/Strength (64)
@bob199 [Fire/Blood]/Ninjutsu (45)
@Shadow_Night_Black [Future]/Peace/Growth (35)
@Dreamfire [Feral]Demon/Bashing (33)
@Hobusu [Finesse]/Ninjutsu/Past (19)


Sure! sign me up! Loved the last one of these :slight_smile:
My numbers are 10, 18 and 12,
yours are 3, 5 and 13

with a 35 on me going first


Of course I’m playing this

2 9 19 (45)

Never tried a free-for-all before, but this sounds fun! I got 8, 9, 15 for specs and 19 for turn order. Guess I’m likely to learn first hand what having three Mercenaries to start with is like.

I’d be happy to join as well.

I got 1, 4, 11, (33).

That will close the signups.

And now for the big reveal!


Go ahead and pick your starter decks.

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Fire +Blood & Ninjitsu reporting in

I will use the purple starter.

Looks like the Neutral Starter is my best bet, giving me [Finesse]/Ninjutsu/Past.

Feral + Demon & Bashing for me.

Y’all are crazy randomizing specs for this ^.^ look forward to seeing how this goes!


Well, [Future], Peace Growth almost sounds stupidly powerful, This is going to be fun :slight_smile:


Hey! Unlike everyone else I have no source of haste, so my damage has to be on the board and can be dealt with for a whole turn! So MolaC is never gonna get online. Also remember that focusing me down can let someone else finish me off to easily win. This is not last man standing, but who has the most base health when the first person is eliminated.

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Indeed you are correct, but omegacrons totally have haste :wink:

And nullcraft, and plasmodium :slight_smile:


Ohh, nullcraft, so much damage :wink: and plasmodium, that will only take at min 2 turns with no seers! Omegacrons you may have a point, but tech 2 peace is so tempting! Compared to Present, Blood, Anarchy and Ninjutsu, I know which I would fear more :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Hobusu What did Arg ever do to you? he was just a pacifist!

Look, your army killed two harmless bunnies under his command! Can you trust a “pacifist” who “values nature” when he won’t raise a hand to stop others?

You forgot to say “cute” and “harmless”

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He arrived just after the slaughter! He was trying to put a stop to it! Now there’s no one to stop the blood crazy Soldiers (most of whom zhavier seems to have recruited)!
Also its not my fault my bunny ran off with his bunny. They were meant to be together okay?

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Don’t know why Hobusu is complaining, he has the biggest board at the moment.

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