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Card of the week?

I’m really interested in reading more strategic analysis and strategic discussion on this forum. There’s some of that so far, but not really as much as I would love to see somewhere down the line. I’m new to Codex, but I want this to be a game that I play for a long time.

What do you guys think of a “card of the week” type post, where we look at an individual card in a spec, and discuss how it fits in its spec, when it’s a good or bad idea to play/tech, what kinds of other specs it works well with, etc.?

I think this would be interesting because Codex is supposed to be so finely tuned that each and every card should have value sometime, but it may be hard to define exactly when or how to best use some cards.

What do you think?

That reminds me of a thing @Shax once did, then abandoned!

Yea, I was sad when Shax stopped posting those.

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I would love to participate in a thread like this. Breaking cards down one at a time is a great way to learn more about the game as a whole. Different perspectives reveal strategies you may never have considered on your own. I also think that by participating in a Card of the Week discussion, I could get away from some habits that I nurtured while playing other card games. Habits that are no longer useful when theorycrafting for Codex.

As an aside, I’m sure that if @StrixVaria decides this is something he wants to do, it will happen. No danger of this becoming abandoned.

To be clear, I don’t really have the game knowledge to add my own meaningful analysis yet. I would be willing to organize a thread for everyone to contribute their perspectives, though.

The format before was thread title as the card name, or a joke on the card name, card picture, then thoughts or anecdotes on how the card could be used. Each card got its own thread, we only got up to 8 or so cards previously, and cards were chosen at random.

From @Shax
Card of the day #1: The Higher Institute of Villainou’s Education

Hey all! I thought it would be fun to feature a card every day and hopefully foster some discussion about them. It’ll take me just under a year to get them all but my body is ready. I’m using this wonderful page to randomly generate cards for now.

Share your experiences with the card! Have you been destroyed or annoyed by it before? Have you tried to use it in a combo that actually didn’t work? Story time is totally encouraged!

The Hive. One of the more costly tech 2 units in the game but also a potential game ender. Flying, resist 1 and 6 hp is tough take down, even assuming you can get though all the stingers in the patrol zone. Packaged with the future spec, you can use Vir’s abilities and Promise of Payment to enable playing this beast with little impact on your current turn(great flavor btw).

The Hive can function as a fantastic source of unit spam. 1 gold for 1 unit and up to 5 in a single turn. This is great in combination Blooming Ancient, various Black abilities that require sacrificing a unit(although they generally have great in spec alternatives), Omegacron (forecast 1 with just the stingers; in spec combooooooo!), and most certainly more.

Because the stingers have an ability(flying) they are surprisingly hard to buff in bulk. Draak midband and War Drums, Stampede and Dreamscape/Macciatus seem to be the only ways. However, any of these will turn the Hive into a absolute nightmare(Stampede will one shot the base from full).

To be honest, I haven’t actually had the pleasure of going up against the Hive. In theory, a tower does a good job of making the Hive pay for the pleasure of air supremacy. It doesn’t really stop the stingers from doing damage, but they will have to pay 5 gold a turn in upkeep.

Air units can have a tough time wading through the stingers so your best bet is some source of direct removal like Undo or Spreading Plague. Straight up wiping out the stingers is also an option for some specs with things like Shuriken Hail, DeGrey and Abomination.

Worst case scenario you could always start a base race. Stingers will do 5 damage a turn but do nothing to stop ground attackers.

I volunteer to take the lead on this. What I’d like to eventually have is a thread for each card, and then a separate pinned thread with links to each. Any rules questions/strategy specific to a card can go in its thread, and people could easily find each one.

I’ll be able to put a proper thread up when I’m home from work tonight. Planning to do 1 card every few days so the forum isn’t spammed all at once, and to avoid burnout.


Imo if u want multiple threads, ask for a subforum, otherwise things will get real messy. PS: i would love reading ur cards review, as lonk u are sarcastic and snarky as @Shax

I think a single thread with every new week’s main post linked in the OP would suffice.

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it should be pinned, tho. or could be lost.

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I would suggest someone put together a collected ‘links to important threads’ post. That way you (or @Leontes or another member of staff) can pin it for you. The ‘Card of the Week’ content could then live in its own single thread, and you could link to it from the forum index. Keeps clutter to a minimum.

The Yomi forum index post is a wiki-post, which might work well for the Codex category as well. Anyone can edit it (I think they have to have made a couple posts on the forums first) so it doesn’t have to be a single person’s responsibility to keep on top of it.

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Thanks for taking this on! I look forward to posts with actual content instead of the kinds I’d make :stuck_out_tongue:

It became clear to me while writing those that I didn’t know shit. I wasn’t actively playing codex either since I didn’t like the PbP format. I could have continued with my half baked analysis(and spamming the forums) but it would probably have done more harm then good. Cue my inability to resist turning the nautical dog post into a joke.


It wasn’t about knowing, it was about making the threads. The discussion came from the post, where people could correct you or think about it in new ways.

except there was very little of that. Literally nothing on some posts.

Not every post can be a winner. :slight_smile:

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