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Card Highlights #8 - Bloodlust

Welcome to Card Highlights (formerly Card of the Week)! The purpose of this series is to prompt strategy discussion and answer any rules questions about specific cards. Feel free to share stories of how you’ve used the featured card in the past, speculations of how you might use it in the future, and any strong synergies or counters you may think of. And feel free to message me with any card requests for next time!

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Get ready, because you’re about to be overtaken with an insatiable Bloodlust:

I underestimated this card when I first saw it. For 2g, you can give up to to units and/or heroes haste with a little drawback. It’s a better Charge, basically. Seems like it fits into the Blood plan very well - play stuff, attack with it, go down on cards. However, there’s a lot more ways to use this card.

  • It’s not limited to targeting your own units, so you can pop up to two enemy Illusions very efficiently.
  • It’s not limited to your own heroes, either! If there’s an opposing hero with 1hp in the backline, then Bloodlust’s drawback becomes your advantage instead.
  • Tech buildings have 5hp, but many Tech II cards have 4 ATK. That’s sad. But with Bloodlust, you can play a Tech II unit and take out a tech building in the same turn! That’s nice.

As for synergies, well, there are tons of things that become pretty crazy once they have Haste, so I’ll just highlight what I think are some of the more interesting ones. Feel free to contribute more!

In-spec Synergies
Ogre Recruiter - Steal one of your opponent’s units before they get a chance to react. I got a Centaur with Spirit of the Panda on it once…

Land Octopus - Land Octopus is already the greatest unit in the game, but what if it was even greater? For real though, since this unit can’t patrol, you want to try and get value out of it the same turn you play it if possible.

In-color Synergies
Calypso Vystari - this card + Bloodlust lets you sideline a patroller the same turn you play it.

Molting Firebird - Probably the best Red card to hit with Bloodlust as it can fly right over opposing patrollers to destroy a tech building. And in that situation, it hits everything else for 1 too!

Out-of-color Synergies
Trojan Duck, Guargum, Eternal Sentinel, Lawbringer Gryphon - any of the Tech IIIs with Obliterate become absolutely absurd when given Haste. If you weren’t winning before, you’re definitely winning now.

Thieving Imp, Carrion Curse - you are going down on cards to combo Bloodlust, so if your opponent pressures your hand size, they can then build their board back up while you’re too low on cards to draw the next combo.

Reputable Newsman - I name 2, no Bloodlust for you! (haha, hey, look at that. I’m a poet and I didn’t…have knowledge of that fact)

Slow Time Generator - It’s hard to pull off any combos when you don’t have gold!


I’ve seen this card do some crazy things, especially in the hands of that mad man @bob199

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In my game with @ARMed_PIrate, he was just 1 gold short of Terras Q + DeGray + Bloodlust, and that’s only because of the multicolor penalty… Nasty stuff.


This is blood’s best spell, and one of the best spells in the game.

Just be aware that it can’t target Nullcraft.

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This is Blood’s best spell, but also Blood’s best misspell :smile_cat: (womens/women on flavour text)

Yeah I don’t know why this spell works on heroes ! I mean, even without this, it would actually have been an awesome spell !
Being able to spot 1hp units/heroes makes this spell very versatile, especially in comparison with Speed of the Fox !

My favourite in-color synergy is with Cinderblast Dragon, but yeah when you’ve set it up you pretty already won the game :smile_cat:

Interestingly, when comboed with Hotter Fire this card can double as a potent damage spell.


Pedant hat: Bloodlust doesn’t say it deals damage (it just says the recipient takes damage), so Hotter Fire shouldn’t apply

edit: sharpo rules that Hotter Fire does boost the damage (to both targets)

… Rules thread?


Sadly it doesn’t work with Cinderblast Dragon because it’s not a fire spell (it’s blood). Also that’s not a spelling mistake it’s a quote from Drakk who says “Womens” because he speaks in a goblin dialect.

Is this actually true?

I think so, I think it’s intended to not “deal” damage so that it doesn’t have huge anti-synergy with hotter fire on your own units.

Playing 2 Fire spells on the same turn is kinda awesome, isn’t it ? :smiley:

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He was talking about hasting cinderblast.

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Bloodlust is boosted by Hotter Fire. Confirmed by sharpo in the rules faq thread.

This does also mean that hasting your own units with Hotter FireX2 will probably kill them though. I mean, none of the fire tech II’s have more then 3 hp.

Unlike direct damage that can clear out the patrol zone for you to punch through, blood lust works on a delay. 2 gold for 3 damage and 2 targets(6 total damage, heroes are targetable, no patroller restriction) is pretty efficient. It can still haste 1-2 units as well.

If you have a Red unit with Haste that’s surviving the turn, you’re doing it wrong anyway


The exception is if your unit survives and your opponent does not survive.


I am pretty sure hotter fire would not boost the damage on both targets of bloodlust. So probably they could survive, but yea, Bloodlust isn’t for surviving, its for killing all the things.