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CAPS 2017: ARMed-Pirate (Mono Red) vs. NikoBolas (Mono White)


@NikoBolas got the win on his Turn 10. We took pretty good notes, so I’m creating this topic for us to drop them into when we get the chance.

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Probably should still go in the play-by-post forum.

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It was similar to a game we played on the forums, with Pirate trying to race me down using Tech 0 and Tech I while I turtled up and tried to get to higher techs, with my ultimate goal of landing a Morningstar Pass. Here are the notes I have for what I played and tech’d for each turn:

T1 Play Rook + Aged Sensei + Build Tech I (no floating gold against Mono-Red)

Tech before T2: Inverse Power Ninja and Bird’s Nest
T2 Play M. Flagbearer and Savior Monk. Killed Naut Dog and Mad Man with Rook and Sensei.

Tech before T3: Rambasa Twin and Sparring Partner
T3 Play Fox Viper and Grave, level Grave to 3

Tech before T4: Ardra’s Boulder and Fuzz Cuddles
T4 Play Savior Monk and Aged Sensei. Max Grave then attack into Gunpoint Taxman SL, then throw sword at Zane.

Tech before T5: Morningstar Pass and Doubling Barbarbarian
T5 Build Tech II (Str), Play Rmabasa Twin and Grappling Hook (on Drakk). Grave kills Drakk.

Tech before T6: None
T6 Play Rook, Aged Sensei. Twin kills Jaina, Rook to Max. Wounded Grave behind PZ.

Tech before T7: Earthquake and Doubling Barbarbarian
T7 Play Doubling Barbarbarian and M. Flagbearer. Rook kills Mad Man, Grave hits Base for 4.

Tech before T8: none
T8 Play Setsuki, Doubling Barbarbarian #2, Grapple Taxman so Grave can suicide and sparkshot. DB #1 kills Jaina, Sets to Max.

Tech before T9: Earthquake and Fox’s Den Students
T9 Play Boulder, Fuzz Cuddles, Sparring Partner. Rook attacks base, Sets kills Drakk, DB hits Tech I, Rook casts Earthquake.

T10 Earthquake + Fox’s Den Students, plus everyone attacks! GG

So as you can see I was not able to do much with my T1 because Pirate broke it repeatedly! I was nervous about putting too many Tech II cards in my deck and didn’t tech any until the turn my Tech I actually survived. Once I was able to get to Tech II I felt much better about my chances and I had a gameplan of landing a Morningstar Pass which I was able to do, much to his surprise :wink:

Hand:Pillage, Charge, Mad Man, Bombaster, Scorch

Having such a spell-heavy opening hand threw me for a loop. I went Jaina+MM, simply because I wasn’t used to having Jaina available, and thought Ember Sparks would make a Rook kill more likely (and it did, but cost me dearly).

One of my biggest mistakes was workering Bombaster because I like the other cards too much, and though Scorch might help me break Tech buildings better. I should have workered Pillage, in large part because NikoBolas knows my love for Pillaging and would have had to play around it whether or not it was in my deck.

I teched in Taxman and Ember Sparks.
Hand: BRO, NDog, Bloodburn, Ms. Rambaster, C.Musk

I workered Bloodburn because I didn’t see it getting enough value for cost against beefy threats.
Jaina swung at Rook to do 1 after armor, taking 2. I played BRO and NDog, patrolling them in Elite and Technician, respectively, with Mad Man in Scav. Oh, and I built Tech I.

I teched in a second Taxman, and Firehouse, thinking I’d go Fire Tech II and use it to eliminate birds and other weenies. Didn’t go that way.
Hand: Pillage (technician draw), Charge, Taxman, Ember, C.Musk

Drawing both of my techs in Turn 3 (with scav. bonus) was too tempting. I skipped worker, Ember Sparked his Flagbearer (which he made great use of that turn and later) dead and his T1 for 1. I traded BRO for his Savior in SQL. Then I charged Taxman to kill Tech I. He had left Rook vulnerable, and Jaina had done her job, so I traded her for Rook. (He almost midbanded Rook and floated some money instead of playing those two patrollers. I would have pillaged and sent BRO and Taxman to take out SQL Rook, and the game might have gone a different way. Maybe better for me, maybe worse.)

I realized I was going to skip worker again, then realized teching Tech II was dumb under those circumstances, then teched in Lobber and Bloodlust.
Hand: Scorch, Rambaster, Taxman, Pillage (that’s in my notes, which would mean Pillage 3 out of my firs 4 turns, and him not floating anything; Bombaster would have been better)

Old Taxman killed his Fox Viper in Technician, surviving with 1 HP and exposing his back line. Zane+Rambaster took out Tech I. Played a new Taxman and patrolled him in SQL.

I teched a Firebat and Ember Sparks, and that was the last tech I put any sort of thought into. The rest were all about, "What am I likely to be able to play and get some value out of?"
Hand: Mad Man, NDog, C.Musk, Firehouse

I traded my weakend old Taxman into his Savior and my MM into Sensei. My Rambaster hit his Tech I for 3, but wasn’t able to take it out (and things went bad from there). I put Drakk in Elite and NDog in Technician, which was a smart patrol, but I forgot all about Grappling Hook.
I workered Firehouse, floated 1 and drew a 3-card hand.

Teched in Chaos Mirror and Crash Bomber as generally useful maybe? (Wishing it had been Detonate instead, though the draws didn’t work out for Zane being alive anyway.)
Hand: BRO, Ember, Charge

I suicided NDog into SQL Rambasa, then Ember Sparked Rambasa dead and had enough sparks left over to take out Tech I again. (It was too late, since he had just built Tech II and played the Twins, but I figured it might limit him significantly while doing base damage.)
I didn’t have enough to Charge the BRO, so I put him in Scav and put Jaina in Technician. I skipped worker and floated 1 gold, only because I thought with my cheap deck I had enough money and needed the cards more. Probably foolish.

Teched Desperation and Kidnapping into an empty discard pile, because I was now feeling desperate. Really wishing I had put them in a turn earlier. Might have made a difference (though unlikely).
Hand: Pillage, Charge, Mad Man (technician draw), Ember

I brought in Max Zane, killed his scav. Sensei with the shove and gained $1 from it. I pillaged that 1 away (staying at $2). Zane and BRO traded themselves for Rook’s first life (levels fizzling because both of his heroes were at max). And I played Mad Man, patrolling him in Technician. Workered Charge, floated 0, drew another 3-card hand and had 8 workers! Woohoo!

I teched another Kidnapping and Desperation. Hah.
Hand: Taxman, Ch.Mirror, NDog, Ember

Mirror was useless now. Jaina Embere Sparked that pesky Flagbearer again and only had 1 left over to hit the MStar Pass. I put Dog in Techn, Taxman in Elite, Jaina on the back line, and skipped worker 'cause I was out of dough.

I teched in another Crash Bomber and Bloodlust? I wasn’t even thinking about it.
Hand: Bloodlust, C.Musk, Cr. Bomber, Taxman (technician draw)

Drakk came in with Cr. Bomber and Taxman, Bloodlusting them both. This was just enough to trade with the Barbarbarian in SQL. I thought about sending a point of bomber damage to the MPass, but decided to hit the monk in technician for 1 instead, then traded my Rambaster into it, 'cause it was tired of sitting around. I workered my musketeer and had an empty hand.

I teched in 2x Cinderblast Dragon, 'cause why not?
Hand: Lobber, Firebat, Scorch

Tech I was dead at this point, so I put Jaina to midband, Scorched the Technician SPartner to help Niko along, rebuilt Tech I and workered the Firebat. Discarded 1, shuffled, drew 3, and died in a most satisfying way.

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I think the game was very interesting. I was able to use my knowledge of Armed_Pirate’s aggro tendencies against him, a little bit since I was going into the game with two general ideas:

  1. Strength spec for Tech II, both for multiple 3 mana 3/5s and for Morningstar Pass. All that toughness is a pain for Mono-red to deal with and seemed especially good against an aggressive player.

  2. Inverse-Power Ninja as 1st tech. This one didn’t work out very well. I drew both Bird’s Nest and IPN and my Tech I was broken and Rook was dead. I ended up workering the Bird’s Nest, hating to draw spells when I can’t count on the hero being alive on the right cycle, and never played the IPN! And I realize they have anti-synergy with each other, the plan was to play whichever would be more beneficial and/or possible.

Jaina came down first and I was nervous about both her spells and trying to deal with an early-max Jaina. Pirate was really concerned about Rook and took him out, which did stop my Bird’s Nest. Ultimately I made sure to keep a 4 or 5-card hand and worker every turn to eventually turn the corner and get Tech II going.

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Which turn did you play Morningstar Pass? I don’t see anything in your notes that specifies, so all I know is that it was sometime before @ARMed_PIrate’s turn 8.

Hmm, I didn’t seem to write it down, but I would guess T7? The doubling barbarbarian having double armor from SL was also really good. I ended up going something like T6 - SL Max Rook (13 hp), T7 - SL DB (7 hp), T8 - SL DB2 (7 hp), T9 SL - Ardra’s Boulder (7 hp). Pretttttty good!

Definitely Turn 7. The pass came out and I was like, “Nooooo.” Then the last thing he did on his turn was play Flagbearer, so I couldn’t Ember the pass directly, and I was like, “Nooooooooooooooo.” (: