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CAMS 2017: Shadow-Night-Black ([Feral]/Present/Truth) vs. zhavier ([Discipline]/Present/Anarchy)

Geiger is disabled, but that only reduces your overkill by 3 :stuck_out_tongue:
GG,WP :slight_smile:


I am slightly sad I could only get 5 hyperion attacks that turn. With two more gold I could have made it an even 6…

Present v. Present matches are the BEST.

I love how you both played and then almost immediately bounced Immortals. Hi-larious.


Maybe we should start a “Immortals arn’t just for christmas” campaign

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Yea, if my hands had been only slightly different, I might have stayed in that game a bit longer, but honestly, I didn’t really ever feel like it was going to turn around for me.


I loved that turn where shadow temoral distoted immortal for elephant, now it, attack twice, and flicker it for a fresh squad leading elephant.