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If you could combine multiple Yomi decks into one, how would you do it?
The rules for building a deck are:

  • Choose a character card: you’ll have that character’s HPs, CPs and Innate
  • For each card (2-10, J, Q, K, A) choose a character and take all 4 copies of that card to your deck. This means that if you choose to use Jaina’s 6, you can’t just take the red ones for chip, but you must also take the black ones.
  • Cards that specifically mention the character’s innate (Arg’s A mentioning Hex of Murkwood) wouldn’t work UNLESS you actually are using said innate.

What kind of deck would you build? What would be the strongest? What would be the most fun?

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Geiger card
Geiger JQKA
Geiger 4
Troq 56
Vendetta 23789
Zane 10

This is just off the top of my head. Might refine later

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I didn’t think about Geiger: using his innate, JQ and tons of throws and draw/retrieve cards (martial mastery, two truths, etc…) might actually make for a really fun deck.

Well I would add one more rule to the build: no more than four abilities on your character.

Variant 1
-Gonna limit it to two abilities on Normals and 4 abilties total.
2: Troq (T/B)
3: Vendetta (A/D)
4: Persephone (A/D)
5: Zane (T/D)
6: Gwen (A/D)
7*: Grave (T/B)
8: Midori (A/B)
9*: Onimaru (T/B)
10: Rook (A/T)
J: Zane
Q: Grave
K*: Valerie
A*: Quince

After coming up with this i noticed i put very few normal attack starters on KD soooo it could be refined quite a bit. I wanted Vendetta K for stronger early game, but felt it necessary to have Valerie K. It occasionally fills up Combos since this character lacks straights.

Use Persephone’s Innate recursion to spam Final Authority which causes KD. Also use Knowing the Opponent and Quince’s Pat Mirror for checkmates. This deck is designed to be degenerate.

Variant 2: 11:09 AM EST

Character: Persephone
2*: Quince
10*: Troq

Rest can basically be anything that does damage. Probably want the KD enders to counter War Stomp. I believe all the counters except Persephone’s are on 10* so luckily you can’t counter counters so Quince’s Two Truth’s allows you to obtain the War Stomp wincon.

The idea is to abuse Persephone’s innate and Troq’s War Stomp. The wording allows you to use abilities to activate it. With two War Stomps in play you force your opponent to No Card by using War Stomp to recur War Stomp. When you have lifelead you can just deck yourself out and win. The most uninteractive deck I could think of.

Rather than just copy & paste your idea as a base my suggestion is to just replace something for Final Authority so Geiger checkmates on any KD… except Gold Burst… and acro… and final authority…and certain special blocks. Wow there’s quite a few outs now that I think about it… :frowning:

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