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Blue starter for dummies 😈

on @Ryjak request here is my personal blue starter guide here is the card list:

Building Inspector
Spectral Aven
Bluecoat Musketeer
Traffic Director
Porkhand Magistrate
Reputable Newsman
Lawful Search
Manufactured Truth
click here for images and rulings

First off, blue starter is imo really good in proper hands, but requires knowledge on how to play it against different starters.
Inspector and director are great P1 cards, since let u worker+hero.
if opponent has no hasted units, do not play it in patrol zones, since most decks have litte that can deal with non patrollers, unless they accept a bad trade.
Against black, for example, director is better than inspector T1 cuz cannot be targeted, so no deteriorate. Black could SactWeak but would spend 2 gold and 1 card for 0 board presence, and if u patrolled director in tech or scav the trade is even worse.
Aven is great against white, red, purple, neutral. Do not use against black unles u wanna go down a card and play newsman too. against white and red never patrol it, they have nothing targeting enemies not patrolling until tech 2(or jaina). against purple/neutral, while with arrival sickness patrol it in looky, tech or scav, since they have forgotten fighter/whiter. so make the trade as bad as u can and gaining the adv u need the most. Inspector is the most annoying card for the first few turns, except against black (deteriorate). Red can deal with it with a charged ogre(to get rid of the hero)+rambaster/Mman but the trade is really bad.
Jail is actually a great card, making your opponent much hero reliant or to go down on card and gold, giving u tempo adv. With censorship building creates an almost insta concede lock.
arrest and lawful search are situational cards, while the real queen is the manufactured truth.
it can make a weak unit into an Argonaut, a bone collector (giving u even a free skele) a tiny basilisk for free hero kill and so much more.
The cards i rec to not worker are manufactured truth, newsman (when u see a maxed hero on the board and have no way to remove it, just ban his ultimate spell) and arrest (if the opponent board has only a big body, u can get rid of it for 2 turns!) and jail (whenever have card or board adv, cripple the opponent). Imho the most useless cards are the musketteer (bad beyond belief) and porky. Porky imo has a use only in late game to disable bad stuff, or early if u desperatly need a big body. Early gamespending 4 gold and giving a card for free is just too damn expensive, imo.
@Castanietzsche and everyone feel free to share ur opinions. <3


I’d like to add that I think Building Inspector is a great play for turn 1 no matter which player you are. If you’re first player, then you get to make it a bit more expensive for second player to build their Tech 1 building which slows them down a touch and that’s just good for you. If you’re second player, then you present first player with a choice, they can either kill the Building Inspector or they can pay the extra gold for their Tech 1 building, either way you’re forcing them to commit resources to an obstacle that was fairly cheap for you. That said, the risk/reward evaluation does change depending on the starter deck your opponent is using, as Legion outlined.

I think the best thing to bear in mind is that Blue is focused on disruption so your plays should be focused on how to force your opponent to divert resources to either answer your play or to play around it.

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