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Blackhand Resurrector and Snapback

We had the following case and discussed it already on BGG. Maybe we could have an official statement?

Bernhard Vierthaler wrote:

Blackhand Resurrector:
Summon a hero from your command zone that died previously this game. It arrives at max level.

Return an opposing hero to its command zone. It can’t be summoned until after its owner’s next turn. Put another hero from that command zone into play, or the same hero if there isn’t another.

I assume Snapback doesn´t kill a hero. We had this case: A hero dies. Comes back. Then I Snapback him: can he be resurrected now? He die previously in the game, but the last time it had to go to it´s Command zone he didn´t die…

Angelo Pavia answers:

Snapback does not cause the hero to “die”. Blackhand requires the hero to “die”.

Bernhard Vierthaler replies:

Yes but again our case: A hero dies. He is summoned again. Now I Snapback him: Can he be resurrected (he died previously in the game…)?

SirHandsome replies:

Yeah, dying once earlier in the game at any point is enough to use the card normally.

However, I think you wouldn’t be able to use Blackhand Resurrector to bring the hero back immediately? Because Snapback says the hero can’t be summoned the next turn at all. So I think you’d still have to wait until the next turn.

Angelo Pavia replies:

I would agree. Snapback text would override and prevent summoning on the next turn.

Bernhard Vierthaler replies:

Yes in this point I agree, too. It just didn´t seem to be very thematic to me to resurrect a hero after a Snapback (even if not immediately) just because the hero died at some point earlier in the game.

Oh man, it is not often I get to bust out the official rulings document.
Look here

“If the hero in question is on cooldown from dying this turn or last turn, you can still summon it with this ability.”

And yes, if a hero has died at any point in the game previously, they can be resurrected.

Also, we already have a thread for questions of this nature.
Have a look here.


But if he is on cooldown through Snapback, he didn´t die…?

If a hero is snapped back and has not previously died that game, you cannot resurrect them.
If they die, come back, get snapped back, they died previously so they can be resurrected.


So to summarize:

If a hero died at any time previously in the game I can resurrect her/him at any time, even if she/he is in the cooldown phase after she/he died or was Snapbacked. Does that sound right?

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Yeah; in the rules thread we’re not 100% sure whether Snapback’s “they can’t be summoned” or Blackhand’s “summon them” takes precedence during the immediate next turn, though.

If it is a timing issue, wouldn´t it be decided by the active player? An official ruling on this would be nice.

It’s not specifically a timing issue, but rather an issue of the hierarchy of permission.

If card A says “bases cannot take damage” and card B says “deal 10 damage to a base”, which card takes priority?


Put like that, it seems clear Snapback should take priority, as the equivalent of card A, like how Morningstar Pass lets you avoid base damage from Dark Pact and Lich’s Bargain.

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Does it? I don’t know… To me Resurrector already breaks the “normal” rules that govern when you can summon a hero, so why shouldn’t it break a special one? In the case of “deal 10 damage” and “prevent all damage” it’s a case of specific trumping general (“this is how damage is usually done, and this is an exception to that rule”). Whereas with Resurrector vs Snapback, it’s two specifics. It’s not really clear to me which should trump the other.


Guys, I’ve already used the sharpo signal in the Rules Questions thread, there’s not much point arguing about it in this thread that shouldn’t have been made in the first place! :wink:

Edit: Here’s the answer.