BIG CODEX NEWS! New stuff coming on Patreon!

In case anyone hasn’t heard the news at Sirlin Games | creating Tabletop Games and Video Games | Patreon it turns out that Sirlin’s been working on further tweaking and streamlining Codex as a hobby for the past several years, but the time has come to start sharing that with others. So far, all that’s been revealed is the rulebook and a broad overview list of “what’s different now” but it’s very exciting! Some tidbits include things like “the logo now has a seventh color” (Neutral as a full three-hero faction???) and “the free-for-all rules are now incredibly easy to explain and learn.”

Happily, there’s already a Screentop implementation of the initial reveal ready to go when the first P&P update comes out in the next week or so, so people will be able to play in their web browser pretty much immediately.

So yeah! Consider checking out Patreon if you’re interested in how half a decade of little tweaks have added up to a cleaner new version of Codex!


Sounds great! Will definetly join Patreon when the forum decides to change to Codex2. Are any tournaments planned on the Screentop version for Codex2 ?

Updated cards for Green and Red are now available - I’d be really interested in doing some play-by-forum games with the new cards/rules if anyone is interested. We’ll need to tweak the spreadsheet for the new mercenary deck though…

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Will the new cards come into print or will they be available for print and play on the shop?

I think they will eventually, but I’m not sure what the timeline is. At the moment, they’re in playtesting for patreon supporters.

As per Sirlin’s recent YouTube video about Codex, it seems that the eventual goal is to get Codex back in print, but this time, with the newer version that’s he been working on. All around good news for Codex!


Blue is now available for Patreon playtesting! I’ve tweaked the play-by-forum google sheet to work with the new mechanics, so if any other patreons want to do some play-by-forum playtesting, let me know.

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