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Better Threes

So, as a proposal for the next experimental format (or just as a central point for test games), I would propose the following set of errata to make “threes” better.

  1. All starter deck cards that cost 3 get buffed to be closer to Thieving Imp power level (except the Imp itself). See full list below.
  2. Tech III only costs 4 gold to build
  3. All Tech III cards (except for Pirate Gunship, Liberty Gryphon, and Ebbflow Archon) cost 3 less. Also, Pirate Gunship loses Obliterate, just to avoid having a “clearly best” option.

Fruit Ninja - 3 base attack instead of 2
Flagbearer - No change to Flagbearers

Bloodburn - Gains Haste

Rich Earth - Costs 2 instead of 3
Ironbark Treant - Gets -1 ATK when patrolling instead of -2 ATK
Spore Shambler - No change

Thieving Imp - No change
Jandra, the Negator - 4/4 with Overpower and “Dies: sacrifice a Worker” instead of her current form.

Porkhand Magistrate - Ability costs 0 instead of 1 gold
Jail - 4 HP instead of 3

Hardened Mox - No change

Fox Primus - 3 HP instead of 2
Flagbearer - No change
Snapback - No change


This may or may not be on topic, but I am surprised that Flagbearers are not getting some 3 love. I would not have considered them to be on the upper power tier. Maybe I have not given them a proper chance to shine, but I feel they are highly situational at best.

Flagbearers probably end up as the worst 3 c9sters with the changes, since they are marginally playable now (as answers to enemy pump effects, mostly)

I just couldn’t come up with a reasonable buff that didn’t seem weird or too strong. Maybe “dies: draw a card” but that’s a lot of text.

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Wow, this is quite the change. A 4/4 starting deck card other than Plasmodium seems too strong at first glance, but then you see that downside… Pretty much everything else I was like “OK, this makes sense and seems reasonable,” but that one I have no idea how it would turn out in actual play. Definitely the most interesting of the bunch!

I’m curious though, were you thinking much about the Black vs Blue matchup when coming up with the changes to those two colors?


Uhhh yeah that version of Jandra is broken op.

Demonology/Strength/Anarchy rises to the top of the meta again!

(Mythmaking+Soul Stone means unkillable 7/7 overpower on turn 3/4.)


In my admittedly limited experience, Jandra seems to get played a fair bit relative to some of the other 3’s being modified. Tech0 3/3 for 3 with Overpower seems like a really good deal with some useful applications, even with the drawback.

Does she need a buff? Why/why not?

If the consensus is that she does, can her drawback be tweaked? “Dies: active player destroys one of your units” or “Dies on your turn: Discard two cards, Dies on opponents turn: discard one card at random”.

Overly wordy perhaps, but is there some middle ground in there for more experienced balancers to find?


I think Jandra doesn’t need a buff, but a minor buff wouldn’t break anything.
That Rich Earth is maybe a little too good. In its current form it’s kinda weak, but it coating 2 gold makes it really strong.

I pushed hard during testing for the nerf to three gold, and I’m glad it got changed. It was really really good at two

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