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Best anti Deteriorate / StW patrol slot

Of Scavenger / Technician / Lookout, which do you think is best against early game black starter unit removal?


I feel like generally Tech is the most valuable slot overall, but first couple turns as a multi color spec, scav seems to be pretty good. I guess lookout has its place as well if you want to make sure they cant get through your patrol, and you can count the gold they will have/have to spend to do it, but it does nothing against StW.


Same. I think card slot the best deterrent in general although maybe coin is better in turns 1 or 2.

It sucks for them to pay some high cost and go down a card only to have you go up a card.

Turn 1 I think Scavenger (or Lookout just for deteriorate) is best, turn 2 on I think I’d generally go Technician. Exception would be that you have reasonably sure math that calculates either:

  1. Scavenger gets you a big play next turn
  2. Lookout prevents them getting to a big play the next turn
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If you’re playing very aggressively, esp. with a hero-based strategy, and still have a decent hand size (4 or 5), Scavenger can be preferable turns 2 and even 3 (just make sure all your stuff is on the board, not hastily dying and cluttering up your next cycle, or make sure you can draw a lot of cards!).

But the rule is that whichever one you chose will be the one you regret, as you’ll either draw the card you need and it’s too expensive, or you’ll have the money but not the cards you needed. (;


It’s probably important to point out that people shouldn’t use the card slot before the first regularly scheduled reshuffle.


I would say that’s true when you’re starting. If you get really good, you can find the odd situations where you want an early cycle. I am not there yet!

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Maybe it would be worth starting a separate thread to discuss, but I would be interested in hearing an argument about why it’s ever worth it to shuffle before the first tech in.

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Shuffling before your first tech is usually unwise, but shuffling before turn three can be quite interesting.
There exists a strategy that involves playing young treant to draw birds nest and then play it turn two. Pretty neat.


Ask @EricF why after our CAPS game, he just did it and I don’t know why but I do know he must have a good reason (bc he always does!)

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You started with Imp, so there was no reshuffle: I just got back to 5 in hand.


Lol I’m so observant…