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Battle of the Bad

So my brother and i decided to try something different. We built each others codex trying to make the worst possible combination. The rules we set were simple. We did a draft type thing because I’m the only obe with a physical copy Just that it had to be 3 different colors and yoy were able to choose your own starter.

What do you think is worse possible combination made of 3 separate colors?

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Any combination of Troq / Orpal / Bigsby / Vir / Cala shoud do the trick due to lack of synergy and overall lack of broken cards.

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Maybe Bashing, Law, Disease?

EDIT: Bob sniped me. I think Vir is slightly better than the others named due to Omegacrons. Cala with green starter also brings some thorough aggression the others don’t.

Given your avatar, methinks you sniped yourself =b


Makes sense. It was his idea and without much thought, I’m fairly low on knowledge too, I gave him Quince, Drakk, and Vir

Feral Hero with Green Starter is pretty solid as P1 by itself.

I would play Feral NP in my set of 3 boards in this sort of context. IMHO, Feral is at least in the middle 1/3 of boards.

I think Truth is much worse than Feral. I would also throw Fire in the bottom 1/3.

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Did he mirror any crashbarrows?


No, he is even more inexperienced than I. So while I may not of guven him tge worst picks, he gave me Anarchy, Balance, and Feral lol. So he kinda got ran over for the most part.

Too bad. Mirror+Crashbarrow and Mirror+Omegacron are both viable.

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[Law]/Fire/Disease sounds pretty terrible (and I LIKE Disease).

My vote for worst team would be [Law]/Ninjutsu/Blood. Some of the worst Tech I choices and no hero that can take a punch. Good luck surviving to tech II. Setsuki’s options are way worse without white starter to back her up, and Drak’s haste/frenzy won’t really help blue starter units that much.


I’d play this. Especially if my opponent is also playing Bad!spec. Just play Sets, put Inverse Power Ninja into play, and play for Sets max-band/ult.


This seems like it could be a fun tournament idea. Each entrant builds the worst Codex they can imagine, and their opponents only get to play that Codex.


Crash bombers are crazy good value, you have access to blood spells and scribes are great for just straight up stalling.

.[quote=“IsotopeX, post:10, topic:2379”]
Lobbers are an amazing compliment to blue starter(manufactured truth) and you have some cool combos between Fire and Disease. Also, insurance agent is amazing.


Sure, everything is going to have something that’s good, and Fire & Disease is good at the killing. What’s your vote for worst, Shax?

I think [Ninjutsu]/Future/Bashing is probably the worst.

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Ninjitsu hero can dominate games, especially as P1. Swift Strike to kill something for free every turn and drawing 2 extra cards per turn… I will take that NP.


First I create a ban list of specs with too much synergy/strength for any codex with them to be considered truly bad.

In no particular order:

  • Stength: Beefiest hero with good spells and decent tech II
  • Discipline: Strong ass hero with good spells and good tech I &II
  • Peace: strong hero with nice spells and cadet+garrison
  • Truth: free speech + mirror shenanigans. Illusions are very strong sometimes.
  • Demonology: The hero with the best combat stats to gold ratio in the game with great spells and metamorph
  • Necromancy: Good hero abilities and great spells with good tech I
  • Present: Geiger maxband+hyperions+temporal distortion+now.
  • Past: Decent hero abilities and great spells. Good tech I &III
  • Growth: very gold efficient hero and nice spells. Great tech II
  • Balance: Strong hero and sooooooooo many good, flexible options.
  • Blood: Good hero ability’s, great spells, all the haste granting stuff, decent tech I and crashbarrows.
  • Anarchy: Hero can single-handedly swing a board in one turn and it isn’t uncommon. Very serviceable tech options throughout and amazing tech III.
  • Ninjutsu: White heroes are just damn strong. Setsuki starts out a bit weaker but has the chance to win the game single-handedly. IPN is good and Tech II is solid.

Then I expanded the list to include a few specs I thought weren’t amazing on their own but had a bit too much synergy to work with.

  • Finesse: Haste in tech I and good spells. This is kinda shakey ban since we are purposely not taking advantage of neutral starter or avoiding the multicolor penalty.
  • Fire: I generally think the combo of haste tech I and good spells to be very solid. Fire also has some cool tech II stuff.

Now I select [Law] for the blue starter deck since it is generally the weakest(or the least known).

So I need to pick two specs from: Disease, Future, Feral & Bashing.

I kinda want to pick future since there is no time rune manipulation in this deck, although I unfortunately gain assimilate.
I’ll pick Bashing over Feral any day for weaker hero and tech I. I don’t want Disease since it actually gives a way to deal with enemy heroes.

So I propose either:

  • [Law]/Bashing/Feral to avoid having hard answers to anything and to overload on big units.
  • [Law]/Bashing/Future to avoid a strong combat hero and access to early anti-air

On the upside, any Law based plan is largely unhindered and you do have access to some beefy tech I’s. I’m reasonably happy that I had to ban almost all the the specs for being too good and that the final deck selection isn’t complete garbage. My logic has doubtlessly run afoul of someone elses judgment so it’s far from a conclusive solution.


Note that the worst squad in the larger game is not the same as the worst squad in a “worst squad” tournament.

Specifically, all the easy early wins will get filtered out of a “worst squad” tournament, so having answers to Upgrades/Heroes is much less important. Also, games will generally hit Tech II, and you are highly unlikely to have a way to gain advantage early.

As a result, the blue starter is actually quite strong, since it retains value through the mid to late game. Conversely, something like Balance isn’t as strong as it looks, since you don’t need the efficient answers. Conversely Law is much stronger than it is in the general population, since it’s higher powered but less efficient answers are going to be more effective.

I would pick [Balance]/Bashing/Future as the best combo to hand the opponent. You’re giving them only expensive heroes, no good non-starter spells, and no Haste. You know that you’ll either be facing Basilisks or Iron Men at Tech 1, and can plan accordingly. Bashing or Balance at Tech II are both reasonable, as are the Tech III options, but whatever you get should be able to compete.


Yeah we should really complain to Sirlin that it’s too hard to pick a group of specs that are sure to lose together.

A lot of folks called out my inclusion of Ninjutsu because Setsuki is pretty awesome and Inverse Power Ninja is a decent tech one choice. And it sounds like Eric feels like since everyone else is also playing a “worst spec combo” team, it’s not fair to assume your team will be wrecked before hitting tech 2. Therefore I revise my worst combo to be what I imagine would lose to Eric’s worst spec choices - [Fire]/Truth/Growth. All the tech two options are vulnerable to upgrade hate. None of the tech 1 or tech 0 options have anti-air. Aside from Guargum, none of the tech 3 options are particularly swingy. And none of the abilities have much synergy.

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