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Battle 2016 POTY Deluks917

Anyone want to battle me in some YOMI?

I will be around on Sunday February 26th. The best format is character draft (ban-ban-A-BB-AA-B-A-B). But I will also play some normal bo5.

See you sunday?

edit: I will be around from approximately 4pm gmt to 4am gmt.


son, u sould put some hours and tz in there. a day is composed of 24h…

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I’ll be there <3.
sharpen your horns.
Oil up your biceps.
No Bull can escape me!


Hey this thread had low interest so I am cancelling it. I will play you some other time ok. Send me a pm or just post there.

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If you should ever decide to resurrect this offer, I would jump at the chance to play a few.