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Assorted Codex Rule Questions (and ruling clarifications): Is a base a building, overpower, gigadon cost, and indestructible units

(I apologize if this ends up in the wrong forum, my phone isn’t playing too nicely with the forum software. If that does happen, and someone could move it to the right spot, I’d be grateful)

Codex Rulebook 46 says on page 1 (and possibly elsewhere) that a base is a building. Does that mean the base counts as a building for the effects of True Power of Storms (Discipline Ultimate Magic), Earthquake (Strength Ultimate Magic), the “damages a building” ability on Molting Firebird (Fire Tech II Unit), the “arrives” ability on Artisan Mantis (Growth Tech II Unit), etc.?

  • It seems crazy to me if it does, but I can’t figure out any other reason TPoS would do so much damage.

Regarding Overpower: if a unit with overpower (and no other abilities) kills a squad leader, can it then apply its excess damage to other non-flying patrollers? It wouldn’t have been able to attack them before, but it can as soon as the squad leader dies, so I’m a bit unsure. (Or, if there are no other non-flying patrollers, can it go to any other available target?)

  • It seems to me like it shouldn’t be able to (because you couldn’t have attacked anything but the squad leader) but then that makes overpower pretty, well, underpowered. Or at least situational.

On a similar note, if attacking a patroller with armor, would the “excess” damage for the sake of overpower be not just the difference between atk and remaining hp, but the difference between atk and the sum of remaining hp and remaining armor?

  • This almost certainly should, I’m just clarifying because of the specificity in calculating excess in the “rulings” doc.

Regarding Circle of Life (Balance Magic) and Gigadon (Feral Tech II Unit): is the “cost” of Gigadon always the printed cost, or could Circle of Life put Gigadon into play if the active player controlled enough green creatures to bring its cost down to 5 or less?

  • I lean towards the cost being the printed cost rather than the adjusted cost, but either seems reasonable.

I noticed the ruling page said an indestructible card brought to 0 HD via -1/-1 runes would just be exhausted “forever”. Would it not be possible to give it +1/+1 runes to cancel the negative ones, thus making it viable again?

  • This seems totally reasonable to me, but is not what the ruling strictly says.

Yes - your base is a building.
Yes - overpower excess damage cascades through squad leader to any other patrollers. Also, “armor” in odex means temporary hit points, which seems to be confusing you.
Yes - Gigadon’s cost is always the printed value and not necessarily what you actually pay for it.

There’s a rules thread., which probably would have been better, especially as the answers to these three can actually be found in the rules rrsources linked in that thread’s first posr.

And fiinally, when you look at what the rulings strictly say, a lot of things get pretty durn far away from reasonable.


Yes, that’s correct.

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I don’t think that’s true at all. I looked pretty thoroughly and wasn’t able to find anything that addressed these questions. Could you point out where in the resources my questions were answered?

The one about your Base being a building is covered by the rulebook portion you quoted.


The indestructible one is quite interesting, actually. Because I can see nothing in either the wording of the ability, or in any of the other rulings, which would prevent say a Hardened Mox with a -1/-1 rune “coming back to life” if you use an ability to put a +1/+1 rune on it. If you do this, presumably it stays exhausted, but is back to being a 1/1 again and will unexhaust at the start of your next turn.

The query I think is only because of the ruling that says it stays exhausted “forever” - but I am choosing to assume that this is sloppy wording which just says what would usually happen, for I can see no other reason to assume that putting a +1/+1 rune on such a unit would have no effect.

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Yes, you’re right, ‘forever’ is sloppy wording. It means ‘remains exhausted until it’s hp go above 0 and either the ready phase or some other effect readies it’. ‘Forever’ is quite a bit more snappy…


Maybe “indefinitely” instead of “forever”?

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I am now imagining using Boot Camp on a 0/0 hardened mox and then Ready or Not for extra hilarity.