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Arrow Economy terms

Ender - A chip with no arrows on it that does not otherwise say to play other chips. Examples: Ouch!, Training Day, Crash Gem
Fork - A chip with multiple arrows on it, allowing several Enders to be played in the same turn. Examples: One-Two Punch, Gem Essence, Color Panic (sometimes)
Washer - A chip with an arrow on it that’s a different color from the chip’s banner. Examples: One of Each, Dashing Strike, One of Each
Chain - A chip with an arrow on it that’s the same color as its banner, or a sequence of several such chips. Examples: Axe Kick, Sneak Attack
Secret Washers - The chips that don’t have arrows on them, but say to play other chips: Signature Move, X-Copy and Improvisation. The last two can also act as secret forks. Option Select doesn’t count because it can’t be played off colored arrows.