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Argh! Puzzle Strike is so luck based!

I’m so frustrated with this game. Why is it so slow and methodical? You can’t just use the chip on the same turn you buy it! Seriously guys. SERIOUSLY women, and others!

I don’t know if I would agree that Puzzle Strike is overly luck-based. It’s undeniable that an integral part of the strategy does revolve around making judgments around probability, which can be frustrating when you make all the “correct” decisions and still manage to draw exactly wrong and lose. But that kind of dynamic just comes with the territory of games with some amount of randomness.

I think you’re correct that Puzzle Strike can be a fairly slow and methodical game, where a major part of getting skilled is about being able to plan several turns ahead to account for the delay between purchasing and using a chip.

Personally, I like this aspect of the design. One of the satisfying things about playing the game for me has been learning how to skillfully manipulate my chips among my discard, hand, and bag to get the most use of my chips every cycle.

I’ll also mention: I’m not clear on how much I can divulge, but there is a game currently in development by Sirlin that might appeal to you, if you mostly like Puzzle Strike but find it a little too slow. So you can look forward to that! :grin:

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Well its still no good when you lose. You can talk until you’re blue in the face, but I won’t be convinced

That’s totally fair! I’m not here to convince you one way or the other, really; whether you like Puzzle Strike is your business. I was just offering my perspective is all. :smile: