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Anyone want to play some Puzzle Strike right now?

If you do, shoot me a message in the game. I’ll be lurking around for a while this evening.



@Zqxx you still open?

Oh, sorry, I wasn’t really checking this post! I was just hanging out in the game’s lobby. Maybe next time! (Unless you are the person I was playing with? The username was different but maybe that was you just with a different account name?)

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It wasn’t me. Another time

You played with me and @Bomber678 (unless another person came along after I left or was there before I joined).

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I’m going to be hanging around in the Puzzle Strike lobby again for a while if anyone wants to play.

@Nopethebard @Hobusu @Bomber678

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I would, but I’m not at home for a few hours. Maybe another time!