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Anyone have fan chip images or graphic assets?

Hi! I’m interested in making my own Puzzle Strike chips, and I found a thread about doing that on the old Fantasy Strike forums. There’s a zipfile of graphic assets for doing that on the thread, but the key pieces are in format.

I’m curious whether anyone has those assets (or other stuff for homemade chips!) in an OSX-friendly format. Or for that matter, has any finished chip images to share! Making up my own chips is appealing but a lot of the fan chips posted on the old forums look fun too.

There was a pack someone made a while back that I appear to have on my computer! UNFORTUNATELY you may have to look into some way to use on your computer to open the files.

Fortunately is free and available for download for anyone who wants it.

That’s true, but I don’t think there’s a native OSX implementation of it, so it’s a pain to get access to it…

Yeah, trying to deal with PDN on macOS is a big bag of hurt. A big bag of pain dot net.


Thanks for the upload, Grag! At first it appeared to be the same pack I was talking about, but then I noticed it also had .psd versions of the files. So it’s exactly what I needed!

Oh, maybe I converted the .pdn files over before I re-zipped it up?

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