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Any way to reset inscribed card stats?

I’ve collected a good amount of inscribed cards over my time with this game, but the way they work is pretty goofy.

They start tracking stats from the moment they’re gotten.

Is there any way to reset the cards all back to empty and have them start recording from scratch? I have an almost full deck for a character, but the difference in how many games they’ve been used in makes it pretty hard to compare them to each other.

I know it’s just a minor thing, but it’s just a little bit of extra fun that a bare bones game like this could use.


The only way I know of is to burn all the existing cards and then re-craft.

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Yeah, the fact that these start recording from the moment you get them i always felt invalidated their purpose


No see you are all missing the point. The point of the inscribed cards is to bling out the deck of your fave character with them sick GOLD CARDS. Otherwise, how else would you be able to publicly display your devotion to your yomi waifu or husbando of choice??!!


I get what you’re saying, but how are we supposed to know which waifu or husbando would win in these fight clubs that we regularly hold without some kind of statistic?