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Any good Dual-Red-Green decks?

I’m just theorycrafting here (only played Mono-Red/Mono-Green so far), but thinking about decks I can make with just a core set.

I think that Growth and Blood could synergize because Growth is good at putting lots of bodies on the board and Blood could benefit from lots of small units (Drakk’s midband or Bloodlust) and lots of death (Captured Bugblatter).

Feral could work well with the Red Starter deck or Fire/Blood Tech I because Calamandra could buff their attack with Behind the Ferns and help their survivability with Ferocity.

Has anyone tried any of those out? Alternatively, has anyone thought of any other synergies between Red and Green?

I recently did a series of [Blood]/Bashing/Growth, designed to get Drakk out with two different kinds of Rhinos. It was awesome. Aggression+big bodies.

Second game I ran it as a pure base-race, ignoring Growth in favor of Troq’s Wrecking Ball.

Third game I ran it as standard Might of Leaf and Claw, using Blood and Red haste to get MoLaC activated.
Blood/Fire/Growth or Anarchy/Fire/Growth work particularly well with MoLaC, because Fire gives you hasted Tech I’s with Lobber. Anarchy also gives you Surprise Attack and Zane himself.

Growth has the most synergy because of MoLaC and Dinosize (which goes great on a Crashbarrow or Glider or Monkey or Chameleon), but you’re right that Ferns has good synergy. In particular, Behind the Ferns combos well with Steam Tank, because it doesn’t get its building-crushing boost until after stealthing past the front line.

I could also see running a mix of beefy green bodies for protection (esp. Feral Tech I) and red direct damage (Fire Tech II and Jaina).

Balance is the least synergistic, but it provides important upgrade and spell removal with Nature Reclaims. I also think Bloodlust and Charge do a decent job of negating Dothram Horselord’s downside.


Haste + MoLaC and playing mono-red with Feral (swap out either Blood or Fire) for a stronger T1 hero are probably the most synergistic.


Combining Green and Red is pretty cool, for sure !
Haste + MoLaC or Wandering Mimic or even Rampaging Elephant are IMO terrifying.
But yeah you might want to try Green spells with Red units too (Steam Tank + Behind the Ferns ?)

The biggest problem Green and Red don’t have really good answers for is card depletion.
Try to play around heroes, technician slot or Surplus (as much as possible, yeah it’s incredibly difficult). What is more gold greed options (Rich Earth, Gemscout Owl…) aren’t the first to choose there.
With Red/Green, drawing options (Graveyard :open_mouth:) are awesome. But if you focus on MoLaC you might want 2 Red specs for maximum anarchy !