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About online games!

Hello,bros! I’m a newcomer, and here is the question:
WHEN will there be many players in the online games?
Most time when I log in, I can only find about 5-6 players online.

Update:It’s hard for me to connect to server in my iphone app, anyone can tell me how to solve this problem?

there is no specific time. my best suggestion is to hang out on the forum and on sirlingames discord and ask for matches.


Good suggestion, thanks!

i am european, so if u see me online on yomi, feel free to whisper me for mentoring or games.
To whisper to someone type “/w [name] [message]” to reply to a whisper “/r [message]” in the chat menu. by whispering i will receive it even if i am in survival mode.
You will not need it for me, but for ppl with a nickname with a space like “boba fett” you need to use the underscore, so the whispering command would be /w boba_fett [message]


Sounds great! Can you go online now? I would test it if you are free now.

np, i’m online now

But I find a problem: I use iphone and I can’t be online sometimes, so do you have some suggestion for me to solve the online problem? THX

do you mean you have connection issues? sorry, i play from steam. Paging @GRAG

Oh, what a pity! I haven’t buy steam version! Wait!

is 50% off on steam, if u are interested.

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Yeah, I found it and I’m still concerning about it! It’s cheap than ios, but I play my iphone often lol. By the way, how to join discord?

a) dowload discord.
b) click this

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GOOD!!! I just joined!THX! Let me try if I can go online now in yomi!


i was still there waiting, lol. i have no time for games now, but i can let u try the commands.

Connection problem on ios platform! @GRAG

sorry, i gtg can’t stay logged with yomi. cya later

Why am I being invoked? I’m not a dev ^^;

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I think you had raised some issue about iOS updates or something?

I don’t know lol.

emmm, yes. About IOS notconnection to the server via wifi problem.