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2HD: Team 2 Red/Black

Team 2: Blood Anarchs/Blackhand Scourge

Your Opponents are:

You are Team 2, and will jointly operate the Blood Anarchs and Blackhand Scourge Alliance. As team 2, both decks start with 5 workers.

Sacrifice the Weak
Thieving Imp
Pestering Haunt
Skeletal Archery

Nautical Dog
Makeshift Rambaster
Careless Musketeer

Team 1 has until Oct 9 to post a finalized turn, which I will then post here. Feel free to discuss your possible turn 1 plays in advance, and hopefully they post a turn sooner than that.

Pretty sure we want to GET HYPE with Nautical Dog.
Like Just play ND. That’s it.

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Was there really any other option? :nauticaldog:

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I may add some thoughts :slight_smile:

Just to consider all options: Could Bloodburn work? It’s not quite the same investment as in 1vs1 because it’s only half of our resources and Blue and Purple are sort of slow. It can also snipe Nullcrafts.

So you want to play Bloodburn… AND Nautical Dog??

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@Zejety, are you joining the team? I’ll add your name to the list.

Sure! Not sure how regularly I can comment though, so don’t wait for me.

Oh god this is so complicated. My availability to participate is pretty limited until I get my computer replaced.

Anyway here’s my suggestion:

Play Nautical Dog and Bloodburn (I’m not sure how good this will be, but why not?), worker Careless Musketeer.

Black is tough. Graveyard so good, but that would really hurt board presence. We could play Graveyard and Haunt and make a worker, but then we can’t patrol, so our side’s only patrol would be whatever Red plays (Nautical Dog?)

Alternatively, we can let Graveyard wait, play Thieving Imp and worker something (probably Skeletal Archery?)

OR we actually have a much better play available:
Black summons a hero (not sure who yet) and plays Sac the Weak if both of the opponents play units. That gets us a pretty huge board state swing. Then afterwards Red plays whatever unit or units they want. Depending, we might be okay to play Bloodburn then play Sac the Weak to immediately charge it. But I kind of like claiming tempo by having threats to attack on our second turn without having to worry much about getting attacked. In that case, we’d probably want Vandy, Bloodburn, Sac the Weak, Nautical Dog, and workers. Then on turn two we will have options like Vandy attack, Dog attack, Deteriorate and Bloodburn to support it, probably Mad Man in hand, and Zane available.

Alternative situations are they play heroes and like Jail and Plasmodium or something.[/spoiler]

@Caphriel I think your red play is safe. As for black, I’m inclined to wait and see what’s on the board.

Yeah, definitely inclined to wait and see before committing. But we definitely want to act in concert between the sides, not just play whatever is best for each one as though that player is in a 1v1.

added a player to the opposition:


If purple plays hardened mox and blue plays a 1 drop, I don’t think sac the weak is worth it.

Probably not. I’ll be pretty happy if they do that, though. Hardended Mox is a pretty weak play against Black imo (even if they want to do the Boot Camp thing with it.) Sac the Weak skips Hardended Mox if I recall correctly, because you can’t sacrifice an indestructable unit. So if they play more stuff we can use Sac the Weak later, and putting a -1 rune on it exhausts it forever (unless they put a +1 on it to remove it, but trading off on that still favors us.)

I’d be pretty okay with playing Orpal and teching a sickness early - that works well with Red aggro. I’d also be okay with trying to get an early Vandy+Garth Metamorphosis and using Red to cover for that turn somehow.

There’s also potential early shenanigans available with Gargoyle and Chaos Mirror that we should keep in mind. And Hooded Executioner is way better with two opponents than with one. Also Bloodlust shenanigans with Black stuff if we want to. Bloodlust Twilight Baron is pretty scary.

ALSO regarding Bloodburn - the opponents have Assimilate available, which means maybe playing a lot of upgrades and buildings isn’t necessarily a great idea. Getting Bloodburn and/or Graveyard in particular Assimilated would be very painful.

I think a lot of the pressure is going to be on us to apply enough pressure to keep blue and purple from stalling until they reach something really dangerous - Peace tech 2 is an obvious choice here, but other specs are equally dangerous. We don’t have anything that’s quite so immediately explosive at tech 2.

Notably we have access to the terras q moulting firebird combo

Marto has joined the opposition.

I like the Orpal play with sickness. If we end up going with disease tech 2, plague lab will help to add runes to bloodburn and -1/-1 runes.

I haven’t been successful recently with graveyard, but if we feel that we can recoup tempo then I’m open to it.

Tech 0 card(s)
Get Paid - ($4)
Worker - ($3)
Reputable Newsman, Naming 2 - ($1)

Float ($1)
Discard 3, draw 5

Tech 0 card(s)
Get Paid - ($4)
Worker - ($3)
Hardened Mox - ($0)

Float ($0)
Discard 3, draw 5

[B]Board Info:[/B]
[B]BLUE In Patrol:[/B]

  • :psblueshield: [I]Squad Leader[/I]: Reputable Newsman 0/3+A, Naming 2 Cost spells and Upgrades
  • :psfist: [I]Elite[/I]:
  • :ps_: [I]Scavenger[/I]:
  • :pschip: [I]Technician[/I]:
  • :target: [I]Lookout[/I]:

[B]PURPLE In Patrol:[/B]

  • :psblueshield: [I]Squad Leader[/I]: Hardened Mox 1/1+A
  • :psfist: [I]Elite[/I]:
  • :ps_: [I]Scavenger[/I]:
  • :pschip: [I]Technician[/I]:
  • :target: [I]Lookout[/I]:
    [B]In Play:[/B]


  • :heart: Base HP: 30

[B]BLUE Economy Info:[/B]

  • Hand: 5
  • Deck: 0
  • Disc: 3
  • Gold: 1
  • Workers: 5

[B]PURPLE Economy Info:[/B]

  • Hand: 5
  • Deck: 0
  • Disc: 3
  • Gold: 0
  • Workers: 5

Deadline for your turn 1 is Oct 12, Wednesday

So, this is a very passive play on their part, which gives us a lot of liberty to mostly do whatever we want.


I think red should play Bloodburn and Nautical Dog. Bloodburn seems better in 2HD, because with more targets on the board, it’s easier to set up advantageous trades. Plus, it discourages Illusions and Nullcraft, which I like. Playing Nautical Dog can set us up for some good trades, and helps us take advantage of their slow start.

Alternatively, we could play a hero and the Musketeer. I don’t like this line though, because getting the Musketeer sniped by Nullcraft seems really bad. Plus, I’d like to leave us open to play Zane next turn.


Black has a couple of options. The first is to play Thieving Imp. I don’t like this, because I would prefer to be more proactive.

So if we don’t play Imp, we should play a hero. I think we should play Vandy, because she’s the most aggressive, and I think we want to try and set up good attacks for next turn. I also think we should play Pestering Haunt, because it’s free damage. It also helps make sure that we can turn on Bloodburn next turn. From this point, the question is what we should do with our remaining 2 gold.

We have a couple of options:

We could play Graveyard. We already have the Pestering Haunt in play, and since their play was so passive, it’s unlikely to get destroyed in the near future. I don’t think this is a terrible choice, but I think that it’s a little too passive, and with us also playing Bloodburn, I think this leaves us vulnerable to Assimilate.

We could build a Heroes’ Hall. I think there’s a good chance that we might want access to Sickness next cycle, and building a Hall now lets us spend our next turn doing something like Worker + Orpal + Midband Vandy + build Tech 1 + Deteriorate.

We could float the gold. This gives us a lot of options for next turn, although we won’t be able to play a hero like if we built a hall this turn.

We could midband Vandy. There’s a chance that they could kill L1 Vandy in SQL, if they have Manufactured Truth and Battle Suits or Nullcraft. With the extra point of health, Vandy will survive for sure. I like this line the best, because I think we should make sure that Vandy lives so that we can make good attacks next turn.

As far as workers are concerned, I think that red should worker Careless Musketeer because it’s bad and black should worker either graveyard or skeletal archery.

So, in my opinion, the entire turn should look like this:

Hire a worker (Careless Musketeer)
Play Bloodburn
Play Nautical Dog

Hire a worker (Graveyard or Skeletal Archery)
Play Vandy
Midband Vandy
Play Pestering Haunt

Patrols: Vandy in SQL, Nautical Dog in Technician.
They can’t kill L3 Vandy in SQL, so that’s where she goes. Nautical Dog in technician in case they decide to play Nullcraft.

They can still kill squad lead level three vandy.
Nullcraft, battlesuits, spectral aven, manufactured truth.

Yeah, I suppose you’re right, if they do have both suits and nullcraft. They don’t need aven, as they can have newsman copy nautical dog. Still, the odds of them having all three cards is around 10%, and even if they do, then purple will be out of gold (skipping tech 1), and after playing a hero, hiring a worker, and playing manufactured truth, blue will have 2 gold left. So maybe they’ll build tech 1 and play inspector/director. Meanwhile, we’ll be able to hit back with Nautical Dog, Pestering Haunt, Deteriorate, Bloodburn, Zane, and (probably) Mad Man, so we should almost certainly be able to clear their board.