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2015 Yomi Player of the Year

[Preserved for posterity, pls to enjoy sweet missing jpegs]

I meant to do this earlier, but it’s never a bad time to show recognition for some skilled members of the community. My pick for the top performing competitive Yomi player of 2015 is…

(drumroll please)



Pictured above is deluks in any given tournament match. It is said that the move “Beast Unleashed” actually came into being after Sirlin witnessed deluks make a grown man cry by taking away all of his hit points, but he will neither confirm nor deny these rumors.

To recap some of deluks’s key smashenings of 2015:

  • #1 on the tournament leaderboard with the most tournament wins of 2015 at 5
  • Winner of the Topanda League invitational, a tournament of selected top players in the community
  • Winner of Solo Showdown, with the official most beloved character in the game: Troq
  • A stellar game win rate of 64%, with a 78% set win rate (excluding team and restricted events)

In short, the guy plays a mean game of Yomi, and our collective mission as a community is to take him down a peg or two in 2016.

But 2015 wasn’t all deluks all the time, and I’d also like to recognize my runner-up for Player of the Year:



We may never agree on who wins the Setsuki-Zane fight, but something I’m pretty sure we both agree on is that this madman is a force to be reckoned with. #2 on the tournament leaderboard, a play-off contender in Topanda, and the #1 seed out of his division in IYL, Raziek had a fantastic year with the official second most beloved character in the game: Zane.

Gentlemen, these are your betters! Now, let us destroy them!