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Zane and monkies


So back in October of 2013, I wrote a flippant in-joke in a post about the various FS character and why you might want to play each of them in Puzzle Strike.

Story: Zane heads a loose organization of rebels, malcontents, anarchists, and cyborg monkeys. [/quote]

Fast Forward to Codex release, and guess whose Spec has the only Monkey unit?

So, were there earlier references to Blood Guard monkies in the lore, or was I eerily prophetic ?


Sorry schnauzer but I’m not quite sure if that’s a monkey or if it’s degrey.


Try looking at it for more than one turn.


Guys, the man in the original picture is totally DeGrey. There actually was a monkey on the loose that was trying to imitate DeGrey, but the Flagstone cops caught the monkey and put him back in his cage.

Look, see for yourself: