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Youtube videos?


It is awesome to see the Codex community here, and the play-by-forum posts can be entertaining. However, many successful games have a culture of posting recorded games on youtube, which is pretty awesome. I’ve watched all the videos from 8 months ago in the tournament.

I know that Codex is new, and I think that the community is doing a great job so far. Am I missing a stash of videos somewhere online?


I asked the same questio on the Discord chat. It seems there is none. Tommorow I will play with a friend and we project to record our games to start to have videos of games.


Any body got any advice on how to use an iPhone to record videos?


This playlist of videos are the only ones I’m aware of, but yeah, it hasn’t been updated in a while:

My videos are recorded with a Logitech webcam on a tripod (with commentary recorded after-the-fact). I haven’t tried recording with an iPhone, but it seems doable if you have something to hold it steady on the table.


If this is feasible, maybe we could have a setup for the next meetup. :grinning:


I’m putting it together as we speak. :smile:


I know for a fact that recording different games being play at 401 is a common thing. Just this weekend they had like this huge set up with lights and recording equipment on a table for some star wars game X wing something I think.


That is the one thing I worry about - I don’t have any lights. Going to do some experimenting with the brightness settings on my phone and see what happens.


Hope it works out!


If you really want to record off ur phone may I suggest a phone clamp as something u may consider. It also very light and easy to carry around plus it not that expensive only 10- 15 dollars usually

All u need to do is just clamp it to the side of a table and adjust the angle of the phone.


I rented some lighting equipment for the first tutorial video, but all of the other videos are in natural lighting. Both my dining room table and my local game shop have big windows, so I’ve been lucky in that regard. If you’re meeting in a bar or something, I don’t actually know what to do about the lighting.


I’ve already ordered a small tripod. I did some eyeballing, and in order to capture two boards worth of content, I really need some height that a clamp wouldn’t provide. Should get it by the end of this week. Also ordered a battery pack for the phone, since a 1-hour video ate 50% of my battery during tests. lol

Oh sweet! That’s good to know, thanks! I think the lighting should be fine. I’ll definitely test run in the kitchen ahead of time, just to see what the results of using brightness adjustments on the phone will do.


I have been thinking that just doing recordings of play by forum posts would be a cool thing to do. Then you can talk more freely about what types of strategies are out there, what the person is trying to do, how they failed or how they achieved it, also about the types of counterplays the opponent is trying to do, how to spot it and react properly.

Games that are being played in real time, don’t have that kind of wiggleroom since strategies are more hidden than for instance MtG games.


I would be curious on the format for the play-by-forum recordings.

As for the live game recordings, I agree about the aspect of “hidden strategy”. I much prefer the videos that @LK4O4 and @Leontes put together with their voice-overs describing their plays, but that definitely takes more time to produce.

Once there is something like “Friday night Codex” streaming, we could do something similar to what Prismata does for their “Master League”. After the match plays out, they quickly skype in the winner to discuss their thinking on various plays and moments of the match.


That’s a really cool idea! Kind of a Day[9] Daily format. Length might be an issue, so it might be smarter to hone in on a critical play, or highlight moments where momentum swung or an opportunity was missed by one of the players.


My plan is to record games and then provide after-the-fact commentary.


The simplest format would be someone at home with a set of cards recreating the game step by step and talking through the decisions being made at each point. It would probably be better with multiple people so that one person can be talking while the other is drawing the next hand or whatever.

Instead of doing this with physical cards, you could do it digitally instead. That might be easier to follow along with, and it would also mean that you could get multiple people on commentary more easily. Ideally you’d use tabletopia for this, but you could do a rough version with the images from the print and play files.


Seeing the cards play out on tabletopia maybe better for newer player to follow and learn the game.
I remember when I first watched a IRL recording of yomi being played I was lost but watching the steam version of the game I got familiar with the cards alot faster.
That being said live play codex is still the best :grinning:


As Barrelfish said, just at home with the cards needed. 1 or 2 webcams for the production is all that is needed. More people could indeed be better, but in general I feel I like to see stuff presented with a more single focus than having a bunch of people talking, so I don’t think I would want to have several commentators on it.


I can do something like this, it’d be nice to use my cards for something.