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Yomi majors


Summer Smash, IYL, and Topanda are, to me, the clear prestige tournaments of the year, but I wouldn’t consider Topanda a major. My definition is a 32+ player open tournament.

What’s your definition? And how many major winners are there by mine?

I can think of…

Raziek (multiple winner)
@ClanNatioy (multiple winner)
@Fivec (multiple winner)
@deluks917 (multiple winner)

I’m sure there are others, but I’m not that well versed in Yomi history.


Updated to indicate that I’m now a multiple major winner :blush:, though by some definitions, still a winner of none!


I can finally be put on the list after winning Rock and Rumble


Hey I checked some tournament history, are you the first to have won both Finale and Grand Finale 3-0 ?
That’s a pretty awesome record !

Hey announcement to all majors who didn’t do it yet, now that you master Yomi’s deepest mechanics, what about writing some strategy guides ? :grin:


Is there are moratorium on editing posts? I can’t seem to edit the OP.


90 days, apparently. If you turn it into a wiki, you can probably edit it forever.


R there any tournements coming up?


I can’t edit the original post, but add @Fluffiness to the list.


@Sirlin why can’t we edit posts after a certain period of time? Please change this.


I’ll also call out @Bob199 for winning a major here, since I can’t edit the OP. @BD_Corro as well.


An updated list:

Raziek (multiple winner)
ClanNatioy (multiple winner)
Fivec (multiple winner)
deluks917 (multiple winner)

Congrats to @mysticjuicer on the PoY caliber run he’s on!