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He wants the recording because he rekt me and sent me to losers to do the endless climb of despair


I think that’s very #relatable.


Enjoyed this a lot, thanks for recording!

re: my playstyle
Yeah in my heart I’m in the deluks/ntillerman school of “reads aren’t real” Nash Yomi (especially against top players), but like a poor man’s version of that because my brain isn’t as big (I’m bad at math :X). In practice, I don’t actually do math during all that time I take though, I’m most likely just overthinking valuation/donkeyspace lol.





And hot off the presses, Summer Smash winners finals!


so much respect for that 23456 straight


Zane tutorial


A magic moment captured for eternity. :sob:




Thanks again to @Caralad and @Leontes for joining me on commentary! :heart:


Every day I see a juicer vid with guest commentators is that much brighter


Hey all, got set commentary recorded, but the weekend was really busy, so it won’t be up by tomorrow. Tuesday! (And the ice cream video will have to wait until next weekend, because it is midnight levels of dark by the time I get home from work nowadays.)


I’m baaaaack!






That was fantastic!!!


I love all casters’ videos, but the iterative comments between the two of you were absolutely best ones!
And oh, I loved the way you spoke about our old sets, something like “okay, you think that at a certain point he MUST stop attacking” and “yes, when the game is over!” :rofl::rofl::rofl: