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[Yomi] Forums Quick Matches - Sign Ups Always Open!


I’m fine, I just needed the one week off. Thanks for checking, though!


Week 9 standings

Silver League (10+ :star:)

Player Points Active
flagrantangles :star::star::star: :psfist:
Zqxx :psfist:

SuperBronze League (5+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Niijima-san :star::star::star::star: :psfist:
TokH :star: :psfist:

Bronze League (0+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Ivan :star::star::star::star: :psfist:
JonnyD :star::star::star::star: :psfist:
snoc :star::star::star: :psfist:
vengefulpickle :star::star::star: :psfist:
FaceOnMars :star: :psfist:
MR75 :star: :psfist:
Castanietzsche :star: :knockdown:
ArthurWynne :psfist:
Caralad :psfist:
Hobusu :psfist:
NobodysHero :psfist:
Shax :psfist:
Attilian :knockdown:
FenixOfTheAshes :knockdown:
thehug0naut :knockdown:
variable :knockdown:

Week 9 matches

Shax ────────┐
ArthurWynne ─┘
Caralad ─┐
Ivan ────┘
NobodysHero ─┐
Hobusu ──────┘
thehug0naut ━━━━┓
                ┡━ thehug0naut ────┐
Hobusu ─────────┘                  │
                                   ┢━ vengefulpickle ─┐
vengefulpickle ━┓                  ┃                  │
                ┡━ vengefulpickle ━┛                  │
ArthurWynne ────┘                                     │
JonnyD ━━━━━━━━━┓                                     │
                ┡━ JonnyD ━┓                          │
Ivan ───────────┘          ┃                          │
                           ┡━ JonnyD ─────────────────┘
Caralad ───────────────────┘
Zqxx ─┐
snoc ─┘
MR75 ━━━━━━━━┓
             ┡━ MR75 ────────┐
ArthurWynne ─┘               │
NobodysHero ─┐               │
             ┢━ Niijima-san ─┘
Niijima-san ━┛
TokH ━━━━━━━━┓
             ┡━ TokH ───────┐
Hobusu ──────┘              │
NobodysHero ─┐              │
             ┢━ FaceOnMars ─┘
FaceOnMars ━━┛


I won one finally! 3-1 vs Hobusu

First 2 games were Valerie vs DeGrey. I took the first game and he got the second. Third game was Vendetta vs DeGrey which I got with some raw K throws. Last game was Vendetta vs Setsuki where I got all the right reads and barely won


Me vs, MR

I win 3-0

Troq > Menelker
Troq > Gwen x2

Randomed into Troq, did Troq stuff.


Caralad vs @Ivan

:jaina: :psfist: :pschip: :lum:
:jaina: :psfist: :pschip: :setsuki: - The Single A almost checkmates.
:jaina: :pschip: :psfist: :midori:
:degrey: :psfist: :pschip: :midori:

Jaina is top tier guys I swear. (we both went random select first game)

GG’s Ivan. Plenty of close ones out there


snoc vs @Zqxx, the rematch

:setsuki: :psfist::pschip: :midori: final combat 50/50
:setsuki: :psfist::pschip: :midori: SEVERAL final combat 50/50s
:setsuki: :psfist::pschip: :midori: manage to play this one with a little bit more breathing room, but 4 card Midori never runs out of 2s

GGs (again) Zqxx, hope you still find this matchup as fun as I do!


@vengefulpickle I need to take this coming week and the one after it both off (week 10 and 11). But I should be good to go after that!


Alrighty, I’ll take you off the schedule!


So I sign up here to join FQM, right?


Yes indeed. I’ll add you to the round that starts on Wednesday.


OK, thank you!


FaceOnMars vs @TokH

TokH wins 3-2

:degrey: :pschip: :psfist: :argagarg:
:degrey: :psfist: :pschip: :argagarg:
:degrey: :pschip: :psfist: :argagarg:
:degrey: :psfist: :pschip: :argagarg:
:degrey: :pschip: :psfist: :argagarg:

1st Arg I’ve seen that doesn’t use Bubble Shield. My stubborn throw heavy range was punished. Many Spikes were eaten. Pilebunker failed me 100%.

WP. Fun Set. GGS Have a good Vaca.



I’m dying omg


Mission accomplished!


Shax vs @ArthurWynne


Shax wins 3-2!
:degrey::pschip::psfist::persephone: “can’t get CP as Val if you get CP as someone else” :point_right::smirk: Close overall
:valerie::pschip::psfist::persephone: Aggressive use of tens from him made my hand struggle from beginning to end. slow decent into submission.
:valerie::psfist::pschip::persephone: Can’t play tens if you get blown the fuck up!
:valerie::psfist::pschip::menelker: This went really well. Then it went really bad. Finally land dodge-J+ and the joker wasn’t real
:valerie::psfist::pschip::troq: His hand started with 5 dodges which kinda sucked. He got blocks attached quick but I started duffing throws left and right. Key bit here is that I steered through the inevitably QJ storm quite swimmingly and my spidey sense sniffed out AA in the nick of time.

“You are already modern art”


Week 10 standings

Silver League (10+ :star:)

Player Points Active
flagrantangles :star::star::star: :psfist:
Niijima-san :star: :psfist:

SuperBronze League (5+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Zqxx :star::star::star::star: :psfist:
JonnyD :star::star: :psfist:
TokH :knockdown:

Bronze League (0+ :star:)

Player Points Active
snoc :star::star::star::star: :psfist:
FaceOnMars :star::star::star: :psfist:
Ivan :star::star::star: :psfist:
vengefulpickle :star::star: :psfist:
Caralad :star: :psfist:
NobodysHero :star: :psfist:
Shax :star: :psfist:
Castanietzsche :star: :knockdown:
ArthurWynne :psfist:
Hobusu :psfist:
MR75 :psfist:
Xiba :psfist:
thehug0naut :psfist:
Attilian :knockdown:
FenixOfTheAshes :knockdown:
variable :knockdown:

Week 10 matches

Xiba ─┐
Zqxx ─┘
Shax ━━━━━━━━┓
             ┡━ Shax ────────┐
ArthurWynne ─┘               │
NobodysHero ━┓               │
             ┡━ NobodysHero ─┘
Hobusu ──────┘
Caralad ━┓
         ┡━ Caralad ─┐
Ivan ────┘           │
                     ┢━ snoc
Zqxx ────┐           ┃
         ┢━ snoc ━━━━┛
snoc ━━━━┛
thehug0naut ─┐
             ┢━ JonnyD
JonnyD ━━━━━━┛
vengefulpickle ─┐
                ┢━ ArthurWynne
ArthurWynne ━━━━┛
FaceOnMars ──────────────────────────────────┐
                                             ┢━ Niijima-san
MR75 ━━━━━━━━┓                               ┃
             ┡━ MR75 ────────┐               ┃
ArthurWynne ─┘               │               ┃
                             ┢━ Niijima-san ━┛
NobodysHero ─┐               ┃
             ┢━ Niijima-san ━┛
Niijima-san ━┛
MR75 ─┐
      ┢━ Ivan
Ivan ━┛
flagrantangles ━┓
                ┡━ flagrantangles ━┓
Ivan ───────────┘                  ┃
                                   ┡━ flagrantangles
Hobusu ────────────────────────────┘


@ArthurWynne > @vengefulpickle

:persephone::psfist::pschip::persephone: An unexpected mirror
:persephone::pschip::psfist::vendetta: Down to the wire!

A fun set where most of the games came down pretty close to the wire.


The Persephone mirror is really interesting, it turns out!


Me vs faceonmars

I win 3-2

Zane > DeGrey
Zane < DeGrey
Vendetta > DeGrey
Vendetta < DeGrey
Vendetta > DeGrey