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Wow, slow week this week.

I’m making one adjustment/clarification to the rules starting next week: if someone doesn’t respond in messaging thread, I’m going to count that as a loss (if neither player responds, then that’s a no-fault again).

Also, I’ll start marking folks inactive if they no-show to a matchup thread more than one week in a row.


Week 16 standings

SuperSilver League (15+ :star:)

Player Points Active
flagrantangles :star: :psfist:

Silver League (10+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Niijima-san :star::star::star::star: :knockdown:
JonnyD :star::star::star: :knockdown:
Ivan :star::star: :psfist:

SuperBronze League (5+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Zqxx :star::star::star::star: :knockdown:
Journeyboy :star::star: :psfist:
Caralad :star::star: :knockdown:
snoc :star: :knockdown:
TokH :psfist:

Bronze League (0+ :star:)

Player Points Active
MR75 :star::star: :psfist:
LizardLinc :star: :psfist:
Xiba :star: :psfist:
Castanietzsche :star: :knockdown:
Shax :star: :knockdown:
ArthurWynne :psfist:
FaceOnMars :psfist:
Luke1705 :psfist:
NobodysHero :psfist:
vengefulpickle :psfist:
Attilian :knockdown:
FenixOfTheAshes :knockdown:
Hobusu :knockdown:
Oddus :knockdown:
thehug0naut :knockdown:
variable :knockdown:

Week 16 matches

Luke1705 ───┐
LizardLinc ─┘
Xiba ───────────────────────┐
Journeyboy ━━┓              │
             ┡━ Journeyboy ─┘
NobodysHero ─┘
vengefulpickle ─┐
FaceOnMars ─────┘
NobodysHero ─┐
ArthurWynne ─┘
TokH ─┐
Ivan ─┘
MR75 ───────────┐
flagrantangles ─┘


just got my laptop back from repair sign me back in next week


@vengefulpickle ahhh you forgot me :frowning:

Don’t worry too much about regenerating this week’s matches, but don’t forget next week!


Blast! It’s so easy to miss messages when I’m going back and setting things up for the week. Sorry about that!


flagrantangles wins 3-2 vs @MR75
:quince::pschip::psfist::bbb: This game was functionally a war of attrition in which I lost both my hit points AND my deck. I think I hit him twice. There reached a point where it was impossible for me to win no matter what he did.
:quince::psfist::pschip::bbb: Positive Spin is the best. I got on a roll and just kept winning combat until he died.
:quince::pschip::psfist::bbb: I got STOMPED but quickly this time. I was feeling good from my win and tried to use that momentum. I apparently threw it into a steam engine that came back and crashed into me.
:quince::psfist::pschip::bbb: I started off strong but then made the wrong choice and at that point my hand was depleted. I was basically checkmated to BBB’s K throw. I get hit by a normal and we go to range. He hits me in the mouth with Q a couple times to really even things up. We are stuck at 11 HP for a while and eventually he gives me a joker due to the power of 2 Truths. I attack into a dodge and bluff with a J. He respects it. I live AND get to keep my joker. I’m dodging his blocks at range like crazy until I feel like the K is coming and I just poke it out with a 3. Now we’re in neutral and he can either K or AA. I feel the K so I try to punish with a Q for lethal. Instead he plays Cog Shot. I play my joker and he misplays by attaching his Ace to hit. If he hadn’t done this, then his known AA would have checkmated me while I was KD. OOPS. I manage to come back and steal that game.
:quince::psfist::pschip::bbb: This game is a lot like our second game. I get the vortex up and running and just let it do all my murdering for me. Granted, he didn’t have a throw that beat my K so that was VERY helpful.

Overall, I have to say that this matchup is swingy as hell! Also, MR75 has some very tricky bluffs! There were so many times when I thought for sure he was playing a joker and then he didn’t. I was BAMBOOZLED. This is part of how I lost the first game so badly. I could have played CotG and evened us up a touch, but I thought it was a joker and I was SO WRONG. At any rate, GG’s MR! This was a super good set!


Well, it was a great set!
Thinking about g4, I did TWO mistakes in a row: 1st, since I decided to attack (just to avoid direct Q punish), I had to A attack (exactly 11dmg…) and 2nd the Cog Shot follow up (but here I was convinced he already played his 2nd Joker: I damned myself in the exact moment I played the followup card, while screaming “what the f**k I’m doing!!!”).

Anyway, I like playing vs you, @flagrantangles, I like battle spirit: tense but joking at same time!


Xiba vs @Journeyboy
:setsuki: :knockdown: :psfist: :gwen: :setsuki: used all her Qs and As and have no 7 in hand, so have a good starting but bad ending.
:setsuki: :knockdown: :psfist: :gwen: :setsuki: is bad luck in this match! She only get one Q in the middle of the match and :gwen: plays well in this match.
:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :gwen: I thought it may be my final match and wanted to slow down the speed of the match, so I chose :argagarg: and it works! I got the BUBBLE SHIELD in the MIDDLE of the match and it lasted until the END of the match! At least 4+2 dmg to :gwen: is awful and final hp is 56 - 6.
:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :menelker: This match is so close. I have advantage with 65 - 16 hp, however :menelker: read my brain and let the match to 26 - 12 hp and then 9 - 3. Now 2 and 10 in :argagarg: hand and 3 8 A in :menelker: hand. The final turn we thought for a long time and I used 2 as douge and he chose A as attack. Gg. I felt my heart beating so fast! I lost two and win two back, so we are both have chance to win the final match but I think he may have more chance because he can choose one who can counter :argagarg:.
:argagarg: :psfist: :knockdown: :degrey: Final match coming! I think :degrey: is hard to deal when I use :argagarg: who want to play defensively. So I keep attacking at the very beginning so that I can have less cards in hand to counter :degrey: MHG. Now hp is 33 - 7 and I have bubble shied and Joker in hand. I think he must use throw to knock me down or he will lose the game. HOWEVER he use A DODGE! And I use As as attack. Then he keep A dodge and win all then combo into Q to knock me down. It was really hard for me. When I stand up with 6 - 7 hp, I realized it was my chance to win. I survived one turn and then dodge his As attack so the game end.Gg.
Ggs my friend. Anyway, this match last for an hour and it was really exciting and luck god stand by my side.


TokH vs @Ivan
TokH wins 3-1
:argagarg::psfist::pschip::valerie: Arg survives Counting With Valerie Time.
:argagarg::psfist::pschip::midori: A pretty reserved game. I drew I think a single 10*, but only after he goes into Dragon Form. Luckily, I throw him out without taking too much damage and close it out.
:argagarg::pschip::psfist::midori: Midori range shifts and goes ham on the attacks and throws and karate chops Arg to oblivion.
:argagarg::psfist::pschip::midori: This time I’m more prepared for the karate chops, but the Js and As fly and keep it very close. DF goes up (no 10*s again!) with known FDB and Arg at under 20. I hit back with AAs, then end up throwing him out of DF and follow up with a 2 poke -> K to close the game out.

GGs! Fun set!


Arthur Wynne vs NobodysHero

:menelker: :knockdown: :psfist: :vendetta:
:persephone: :psfist: :knockdown: :vendetta:
:persephone: :psfist: :knockdown: :vendetta:
:persephone: :psfist: :knockdown: :gwen:

No play-by-play from me this time, as I am off to bed! Methodical and exciting games all, the last one in particular was absurdly even (and sadly, decided by execution error as NobodysHero left lethal damage on the table by mistake. :frowning: )


I spelunked replays to find:

@Luke1705 2 - 3 @LizardLinc

(Try to remember to post next time, it makes my life easier. :slight_smile: )


Week 17 standings

SuperSilver League (15+ :star:)

Player Points Active
flagrantangles :star::star: :psfist:

Silver League (10+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Niijima-san :star::star::star::star: :knockdown:
JonnyD :star::star::star: :knockdown:
Ivan :star: :psfist:

SuperBronze League (5+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Zqxx :star::star::star::star: :knockdown:
Caralad :star::star: :psfist:
TokH :star::star: :psfist:
Journeyboy :star: :psfist:
snoc :star: :psfist:

Bronze League (0+ :star:)

Player Points Active
Xiba :star::star::star: :psfist:
LizardLinc :star::star: :psfist:
ArthurWynne :star: :psfist:
MR75 :star: :psfist:
vengefulpickle :star: :psfist:
Castanietzsche :star: :knockdown:
Shax :star: :knockdown:
Luke1705 :psfist:
NobodysHero :psfist:
Attilian :knockdown:
FaceOnMars :knockdown:
FenixOfTheAshes :knockdown:
Hobusu :knockdown:
Oddus :knockdown:
thehug0naut :knockdown:
variable :knockdown:

Week 17 matches

Luke1705 ─┐
MR75 ─────┘
Luke1705 ────┐
             ┢━ LizardLinc ──┐
LizardLinc ━━┛               │
NobodysHero ─┐               │
             ┢━ ArthurWynne ─┘
ArthurWynne ━┛
Xiba ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓
                            ┡━ Xiba ─┐
Journeyboy ━━┓              │        │
             ┡━ Journeyboy ─┘        │
NobodysHero ─┘                       │
Caralad ━━━━━┓                       │
             ┡━ Caralad ─┐           │
Ivan ────────┘           │           │
                         ┢━ snoc ────┘
Zqxx ────────┐           ┃
             ┢━ snoc ━━━━┛
snoc ━━━━━━━━┛
Journeyboy ─┐
Ivan ───────┘
LizardLinc ─────┐
                ┢━ Caralad ────────┐
Caralad ━━━━━━━━┛                  │
vengefulpickle ━┓                  │
                ┡━ vengefulpickle ─┘
FaceOnMars ─────┘
NobodysHero ───────────────────────┐
MR75 ───────────┐                  │
                ┢━ flagrantangles ─┘
flagrantangles ━┛


snoc vs @Xiba

:setsuki: :psfist::pschip: :setsuki:
:setsuki: :pschip::psfist: :setsuki:
:setsuki: :psfist::pschip: :setsuki:
:setsuki: :pschip::psfist: :setsuki:
:setsuki: :psfist::pschip: :setsuki:

GGs! Very well played, you did a great job of dodging to exploit my willingness to play Q and dump at all costs. I considered switching out of the matchup, because I don’t find the mirror that interesting, but I didn’t think I had a much better counterpick. Man it felt hard to draw jokers in some of those games…



You could always come to the dark side and unleash your horns on her- wait that came out wrong.

Or did it?


vengefulpickle vs Caralad

:bbb::psfist::pschip::troq: Many times to range into a perfect!
:bbb::pschip::psfist::valerie: Full of ouch
:persephone::pschip::psfist::valerie: Got sent to 8 life in fairly short order, managed to get the KD loop up and running, but died to the eventual Q/throw mixup
:persephone::pschip::psfist::valerie: Val’s burst is ridonculous, and I misplayed my jokers.

(@mysticjuicer this is complete now, for the official record keeping)


I only bring out my val for those special occasions. BBB pickers count as one. :smiley:


Thanks snoc! Games were much close!


Take me out for a while