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[XCAFS18] Nekoatl [Finesse]/Peace/Truth vs charnel_mouse [Finesse]/Balance/Growth


Yeah, Peace engines are scary once they get rolling, and I agree early Basilisks would have put me much more on guard. I was more worried about Nature Reclaims though, to be honest, but once you dropped Argagarg, I took a page out of FrozenStorm’s playbook and made sure Argagarg stayed alive long enough for me to get a Free Speech lockdown in place. Once I started doing that, though, I think you should have sacrificed your Tower for a Heroes’ Hall to make room for Midori. Onimaru can’t break your Tech II and your Heroes’ Hall in the same turn, after all.


I had it in my head that you wouldn’t go with Peace engine because of the threat of Growth engine, and would go for a Finesse / Elite Training rush instead, which didn’t help either.