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[XCAFS18] Cstick [Necro]/Present/Law vs EricF [Feral/Growth]/Finesse


gg! quite a slugfest!


This was a Necro Clinic, very well done @cstick! GG to you as well @EricF, you fought well out of a bad situation!


Amazing game! And quite something to win T10 against MOLAC active since T6.


Two key moments, from my perspective:

  1. On turn 5, I discount the possibility of a teched Nether Drain, which costs me significantly, as it lets Cstick have 2 free gold worth of levels, which he converts to a Lich’s Bargain.
  2. Cstick draws a 2nd Bargain off the reshuffle on turn 7, which lets him keep Tricycloid around, and gives him 2 horrors, which leads directly to me getting hero locked, since I have to summon River preemptively.
  3. Cstick hits the 50/50 on Imp discard turn 8 to prevent a clean kill from Discord + Fencer (though he could have patrolled more to prevent it as well)


This to me was the biggest blunder, covered by the biggest turn of fate. No excuse not to patrol Bigby there, with discord on the table


Agree on those, and I should have patrolled the Imp as well on turn 7, because I wasn’t considering Discord + Fencer. In addition, I think you getting Fencer + Rampant Growth on turn 6 to get rid of the Horror and turn on MoLaC was pretty huge.