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Two Australian Bois coming to an America near you!


That’s right! It’s time for another international Bomber trip.This time around, I have a friend!

Next March, we will be tripping across many parts of the USA, meeting some cool people, possibly even meeting YOU!

The main purpose of this topic will be the first leg of our journey, some time hanging out in Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you want to challenge us (or just me) to a game of Yomi IN PERSON, this is your opportunity!
I believe my good friend @Leontes already has a fantastic venue in mind for us to get together and maybe even run a tournament. I will play Codex too, or any Sirlin game for that matter!

So post here if you live in the US and want to meet with two REAL LIFE Australians, and if you’re close by any of our destinations, we will strongly consider hanging out! (We have limited time of course, but we will endeavour to meet as many of you cool people as we can.)


Basically we gotta get the LA gang back together for some good board game times. @LK4O4 @ClanNatioy @Zqxx @ratxt1 @Fivec @Alhazard


It’d be awesome to meet you in person, I’m in. :smiley:


I would if I could but I moved to Las Vegas about six months ago.


That’s only a 3 hour drive! These guys are coming from AUSTRALIA!


Not quite my side of the country, but I’ll keep my ears peeled for any further legs…


It’s probably closer to four. Plus if I came down my wife would want to come too so she could visit here family. I’ll see what I can do though because it would be cool to see everyone again.

Edit: Reread OP and didn’t realize this wasn’t happening for awhile. I’ll try and plan for a visit to the fam to coincide with this event.


Are you guys coming more easterly? I’m not sure who else besides me is in the Boston area (although I’m given to understand that @mysticjuicer has ventured across the border once or twice).


We will be tripping to several more places around, though I’m not sure I’d consider it close to Boston at any point. I think Pennsylvania is about as close as we get


Yeah, Pennsylvania is still a bit of a haul from up here. Ah well.


Are you guys still doing this? You could always check out Puyallup or Tacoma to see meee baby!!


So I suppose I’d better keep this thread alive as we move closer to the date.
We will of course be hitting up San Francisco for a couple of days too, before striking out eastwards to see more cool people