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Is anybody running any tournaments or anything? I think that I am ready to fight again. This has been the craziest year for me, but things seem to have calmed down.

Is there another IYL planned? I have not joined the discord and following multiple forums is more than I will do. The chat and QM has way less interactions than usual. Let’s make something happen, or I will just wait (hopefully?) for the next Summer Smash to test my skills.


@Leontes @Bomber678 @Zejety are there any plans for an IYL in the new year?


An International Yomi League would be nice! :smiley:


I’d really like to see a lot more one day events then more super commitment weekly based stuff. But the community might not be big enough for those because Saturday 9AMish (Pacific Time) is my preferred one day event time and that seems to not be very popular or bring back those sweet Monday night tournaments. Oh well, Yomi is worth the headache of weekly scheduling so I’d probably play in IYL if it came up.


I ran a one day tournament recently that went well all things considered, so I will likely do another in the future. Keep your eyes peeled!


I haven’t played Yomi in a while, (since I got eliminated from my own tournament) but I would get back into it if we’re planning another IYL. The massive tournaments are extremely fun and hype.


fwiw imho yomi has been killed by the combo new forums+lack of free play.


I have the exact opposite problem, where I have to skip a lot of one-day events when they go down because they end up on hours where I’m busy; weeklies seem to give more freedom of scheduling. Everyone has different needs, it seems! :slight_smile:


Bump? I’ve seen a bunch of 1-day tourneys happen since January, and @mysticjuicer’s been running the 19XX series. Is there enough interest to run an IYL5 as well?


IYL5 would be amaze <3


Sounds good!


I considered running the next IYL season, but I am very busy right now. Also, I believe that it would take more effort than it did in the past because the community is more fragmented. I think it would be cool for it to live on.


I’d potentially be up for running it, with the caveat that I have better played in not run a Yomi tournament, so I’d be looking to the old timers for advice.

It seems like challonge is the best way to organize the actually mechanics (and I see that there’s already an IYL organization). Does that make the bulk of the work on the communication department? Or are there other organiser responsibilities that I’m missing?


Hi! I used to run a series of one day tourneys. I have been AWOL for a bit now BUT I will soon be done with a particularly busy part of my life and I will have a lot more free time SO if you need someone to help organize IYL5/help TO the event, feel free to shoot me a message. I’d love to help make it happen!


It sounds like there’s interest in getting IYL5 running. I’m going to make a separate thread to organize it in.


Yes, the bulk of the work is in communication and hype. When I started the IYL had 32 players and grew to over 100 players by the third season. With the forum change, most of the work will be on the hype side in an attempt to regain momentum.

The other piece of advice that I would give would to be firm about keeping the event on schedule. Sometimes you have to make rulings regarding scheduling conflicts that will create some unhappiness. Always do what is best for the tournament.

Good luck! I would be delighted to see the league succeed. Also, I would consider asking @Leontes for help or advice. He helped me run the league starting in season 2 and took the lead after season 3. I bet he has some valuable advice.