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[Tournament] XCAFS20 - eXperimental Codex Asynchronous Fall Swiss - Sign-up / tracker thread!

Ah, sorry, I missed the part where it stays. That sounds better, but at that point I’d have flavour concerns.

Final standings:

player won lost byes
bansa 7 2 0
EricF 5 3 1
charnel_mouse 4 3 1
dwarddd 4 3 1
zhavier 4 3 0
FrozenStorm 2 3 1
Nekoatl 2 3 1
codexnewb 2 3 0
James 1 3 1
Bomber678 1 3 0
CarpeGuitarrem 0 3 0
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So proud to deliver the result to all Blue players although it almost felt like I was cheating when I was spamming Lawful Search without heroes. :wink: Blue certainly did benefit from the buffs.

Blue needed them, though clearly peace did not XD

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I don’t necessarily agree with “Blue needed them” but I’m not going to argue since I don’t mind playing with buffed Blue :slight_smile: Blue is notably weak against Black and maybe why it’s often discounted. I think having a weakness agaisnt a certain color is fine as long as every color shares the same food cycle. Maybe the problem is that Black is not really weak against anything? I don’t really know much about Black’s matchup against other colors so correct me if I’m wrong but that is the impression I have towards Black. Maybe Purple has a relative edge against Black? I’m not sure. I’m totally just imagining with little experience. I think colorwise, Codex is pretty balanced. Spec and card wise, not so much. Not only some are not balanced but often unplayable. If I would buff a color, I would help Purple a bit, but again I don’t want to offend Purple players since I lack experience with Purple and haven’t fully revealed it’s potential to myself. I’m a Blue player, and Blue is strong against Purple so my perspective is prolly biased.

Oh, I forgot to comment about the change to Hallucination. I don’t think I ever actually encountered it, but it felt impactful enough that I had to account for it when teching for aggression.

As far as the colours go, I think Purple is fine. It’s on the stronger end, if anything. It does tend to have a preferred turn order, compared to the others.

EDIT: See also where Purple turns up here.

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Yea, no objection to it. I take back my comment on Purple. Was totally skewed perspective. Oh by the way, by color I mostly mean starter cards. I think that’s how you understood it but just to clarify.

What is Black relatively weak against? Is it Purple who can punish Black? I’m shooting in the dark if someone can help me

Oh, I thought you meant the colour in general. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the starter decks on their own, e.g. Purple and Green are more about playing keep-away early on so their starter decks will look weaker in isolation.

Black isn’t really weak against anything, that’s why it’s one of the two “problem” factions as far as balance is concerned.


@zhavier and I are currently finding Purple actually is almost as bad against Black as Blue is.

Red is probably the best against Black, primarily b/c it doesn’t mind losing units, and can punish the base damage Black inflicts on itself. White isn’t bad (Snapback is a big help). Green and Purple struggle, as they do their thing largely through big units, which Black is great at chewing up


Color is spelled colour in London… Interesting :slight_smile:

Ahem, not all of us Brits live in London :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Black starter is a little overpowered in terms of bang per buck, Blue starter is a little underpowered, and Purple starter is just right. Black starter was probably nerfed a bit too hard (Imp nerf was unnecessary IMO), and Blue starter got buffed too much (BI buff was over-the-top IMO, and the Lawful Search upgrade conversion was proposed as a possible countermeasure to T1 Vandy + Javelineer + Haunt, which isn’t really an issue with $1 Haunt).


Oops sorry about my ignorance, totally inappropriate… I swear someome lived in London or close to London maybe it was James.

Yea, I concur Black is strong period. Nobody in this divided world would disagree I think.

I was hoping in the ideal world, Black finds some weakness to another color so this food cycle is circular and healthy but I guess it was a false hope.

That would be good, yes. I think I’ve said before in the balance threads that, from my perspective, we don’t necessarily need to tweak Black and Blue so that they’re roughly equal with everyone, just enough that they are beaten by / beat someone, so there’s a reason to pick them in a multiple-match / tournament setting. Enough that a monocolour tournament without bans is viable.

Speaking of which, it might be nice to have a monocolour tournament at some point, probably with Black banned. It might get some more newcomers, and not everyone on the forum likes multicolour.

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Agreed 100% that every matchup doesn’t need to be equal. In fact, having a circular food chain will be more fun and find natural balance in the recurring tourneys.

I may be making this up, but circular food chain was something I thought sirlin was specifically trying to avoid in his design.


Waaaaaaat? Really? That is very interesting! Can you provide a little more color as to why? I think it is just a natural thing to have. Trying avoid it IMO will almost always not be successful. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that actual does it successfully including Codex.