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[Tournament] Single Character Showdown 4: Setsuki Hiruki


Signups will run until 23:59 UTC on Sunday 9 September with initial bracket being generated 12 hours later at 12:00 noon UTC Monday 10 September.

You will have a week to play your matches, with the deadline being every Sunday at midnight, and conversations sent out by Monday at noon.


Hall of fame:


  • All players must only play Setsuki.
  • Double elimination/round robin depending on signups.
  • Best of 7/first to 4.
  • Medium timer.
  • Rules enforced.
  • Double KO is a win for neither side and must be replayed.
  • Priority rules are as in the physical game (but not enforced in the client). The lower life player has priority, and may play abilities, or demand that the opponent plays abilities, first.
  • Playing ahead is allowed and encouraged, but be sure to include TOs in any scheduling conversations.
  • Scheduling conflicts and other contentious situations will be adjudicated by the TOs.
  • Be a good sport and have fun!

If the entry count is less than 8, the tournament will be a round robin format, and otherwise double elimination.


  1. snoc
  2. Hobusu
  3. mysticjuicer
  4. Caralad
  5. JonnyD
  6. Ivan
  7. Xiba
  8. vengefulpickle
  9. thehug0naut
  10. Southpaw Hare
  11. Zqxx
  12. Arthur Wynne
  13. MR75

Also, I’d welcome a volunteer to co-TO in the case of any conflicts involving myself.


Nice, just in time for me to be ready to return to Yomi! I’m in.


Sure, let’s do it!


Sure, why not





Finally i can join this. Sign me in.


It’s good for me
Sign me in


Setsuki already has the most often played mirror match out of the characters that you haven’t done this for yet (other than Zane). Why not do it for a seldom-seen one like Valerie or Jaina?


Mostly I stick with random choice to avoid arguments about this sort of thing.

Secret behind the scenes info

This is actually the second drawing of this due to messing up recording settings, and the first time I drew Vendetta, which definitely would have been more fun, but sadly that one is lost to time.


I mean, on one hand, the thought of setsuki mirrors brings a little bile to my mouth…

On the other hand, the other two tournaments of this type I’ve taken part in have given me a deeper insight into the characters which I feel has helped my overall play. So there would be no way I’m skipping this anyway.


Sure, 1 damage high-fives all around.


Two major silver linings here:

  1. Any sets experience gained now helps build anti-sets tech later
  2. She also happens to be made of paper, so each game should take about 5 minutes

Sign me up snoccy


Huh, those are actually good points… I’m tempted


Can you also at some point instruct me in the ways of AutoTO?


Yeah, although as @mysticjuicer and @caralad will likely attest, it’s far from seamless.


Once the set-up is done, it works like a charm tho! :smiley:


Sign me up though.



Oh God. It’s happening. This apocalyptic day of horror has come.

…yeah, I’ll join.


I am almost certainly going to regret this.

I’m in.


I almost missed this… but I am there!