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[Tournament] Salary Cap Yomi - Ongoing

Here’s the bracket: @cpat, you get a bunch more time to think over your stable, since you’ve got a bye this round.

The following people have 24 hours to update their stables if they want to before I start the tournament:
@Knifight, @TonyHole, @JonnyD, @Nopethebard, @Gingivitusks, @Cypher, @Ivan, @Kirandio, @variable, (and myself).


Also, can I just say, holy crap! Look at the ELO curve on @cpat:

The blue here is @cpat, graphed against the current number 2, @mastrblastr.


This is late breaking, but I’m going to excerise TO privilege, and drop out before the tournament starts. I’ll still run tournaments, but I’m going to take a break from playing in them for a few months to reduce my evening commitments.

EDIT: That does change the brackets somewhat, so I’m resetting the 24 hour clock.


Gingivitusks v. @Nopethebard
Gingi wins, 3-2


Tense matches. despite the matchups, 1 and 3 saw very nice leads from Nope, but I narrowly escaped with wins. Last match I got lucky with every throw that beats Midori… so I managed a perfect there.
GGs Nope.


I would like to swap Midori for Gwen


Hype games, except for the last one



10 chars.

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@JonnyD: Reminder, you have another roughly 13 hours to make any roster swaps.

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@Knifight vs. variable, R1:

:chibivendetta: > :lum:
:midori: < :chibimenelker:
:lum: < :chibigeiger:
:chibigeiger: > :gloria:
:jaina: < :chibiquince:

variable wins, 3-2

This was a really close set and most games were very down to the wire! Both Geigers decided to wreck the space-time continuum (and their opponents) and Midori avoided Menelker’s DSD and his dishonorable ways for a time… But not forever!

Good luck in the rest of the tournament, Knife! It’s always fun to play you! :smiley_cat:


And here’s the exciting set between @variable and @Knifight!

I couldn’t post it in the Yomi Gameplay thread because this forum software is stupid:


Kirandio wins this set 3-0:

Valerie beat Persephone
BBB beat Menelker (was challenging)
Jaina beat Onimaru

Good games! I hope to play some casuals with you some more!!!


As Byleth would say: not my best.
TonyHole vs. @Kirandio

0 :persephone: - :valerie: 1
0 :menelker: - :bbb: 1
0 :onimaru: - :jaina: 1

The perse-val was just an overall slaughter. Made a couple wrong decisions, been hit a couple times, the ndead.
Despite this being my first human BBB, I was mildly confident. I managed to make BBB topdeck the last turns, but he got the reads on me and eventually won. Also, the first time BBB entered range just blocked 5 times in a row making me waste like 4 dodges.
The Jaina-Oni matchup was a great game, IMHO. Jaina was in a slight advantage until the end, but what sealed the deal was me pumping with a 2 of clubs I needed for final authority, and thus got checkmated.

Great games nonetheless, had a lot of fun.


@Kirandio, @cpat, you’ve got roughly 21 hours to confirm your rosters for the next match.

Game @Cypher vs. @Ivan
Round 1 :onimaru: :pschip: :psfist: :degrey:
Round 2 :argagarg: :psfist: :pschip: :argagarg:
Round 3 :persephone: :psfist: :pschip: :midori:
Round 4 :valerie: :pschip: :psfist: :setsuki:
Round 5 :midori: :psfist: :pschip: :jaina:

Cypher wins, 3-2 in a set that really came down to he wire!

  • Round 1 – One day, I’ll get to play Onimaru in a tournament and not be matched up against Argagarg or DeGrey. Today was not that day. I get to throw a couple of Ghost Ripostes but it’s still not enough. Ivan manages to throw enough of my attempts to build a hand-size, and still lands plenty of big damage.

  • Round 2 – An interesting mirror-match, for sure. I get lucky with a few of my early combat reveals (even landing an early straight), but after a whole lot of dancing around each other’s aces, my opponent evens up the life-totals. Despite the slow-and-steady pace of the round, it ends in pretty dramatic fashion when I Bubble Shield Ivan’s Blowfish Spikes, and then land my own Blowfish Spikes on the very next turn, leading to exact lethal with the powered-up Hex of Murkwood.

  • Round 3 – This round can be summed up by “Persephone lands a few good vortexes on Midori.” Despite landing a few strong blocks early on, Midori quickly runs out of strong options, and I’m able to throw his dodges the few times he’s standing up and actually able to play them. I only draw one counter the entire round, but apparently that was all I needed to ward off Dragon Form and then throw/OYK mixup for the win.

  • Round 4 – On turn three I successfully Joker a combo with 4 (!) Aces in it! And it is not enough. Setsuki don’t care. Despite starting out with a nice combat win, I still get absolutely bodied as my opponent reads me like a book.

  • Round 5 – A real nail-biter, and suitable conclusion to a great set! Ivan makes excellent use of Charged Shot, not just landing big chip damage but even duffing one of my throws for a big combo, and manages to squeeze in a successful early 10 throw to get Smoldering Embers into the discard pile. I manage to hit back with a strong throw-combo or two, and then enter Dragon Form to 10 dodge into a K throw. That 10 was the only dodge I drew all game, so after I power-up my large hand for all four Aces I block just to get it back and threaten a real dodge/AAAA mixup. I’m aided by the fact that my opponent didn’t draw any Qs all game, so didn’t feel as comfortable attacking into a potential Dragon Q (which I do manage to land). The final round sees Midori at 13 health and Jaina at 17, when both players reveal a throw and the grappler wins.

Serious GG;WP to my opponent, Ivan. It was a great set!


cpat 3-1 Kirandio
:onimaru: < :degrey:
:geiger: > :troq:
:bbb: > :gwen:
:jaina: > :jaina:
:grave: - :valerie: was unplayed.

GGs. Just drew really well all set. Multiple silent Aces in nearly all the matches at early junctures of the game. I think Kirandio didn’t really get the same luck I had either.


Sorry, I’ve been a bit behind on recording matches for this. I think we’re caught up now, but I’m also giving @Knifight and @variable another 48 hours before giving @variable the win-by-default.

Oops! They had already reported. I’ve recorded the match, and the rest of the R2/R1L matches should go out shortly.

GIngivitusks v. @JonnyD


Gingi wins, 3-2

Crazy sets with JonnyD. @migohunter recorded it. Check it out. I guess I accidentally let spectators view hands so… it makes for a more inciteful stream, but not sure if it is a faux pa or not. Honest mistake.

more spoilerz

1st 2 games were somewhat close, but Jonny was definitely in control. The next 2 I held a confident life lead, but he kept it scary up to the end. Game 5 I just got a lot of the lucky draws. We were both powered up for TPoS together, holding hands, ready to go into oblivion. He dodged, I bluffed, he called it. He dodged again, I drew a joker, ate his TPoS. After that I made a steady climb back. Almost checkmated him, but he had a clutch dodge, knocked my buns down, and it all ended with a K clash, he was under 7hp, I was over 7hp


The reason hidden hands is the default is because shown hands has been used to cheat in the past and hiding hands prevents this. You presumably didn’t cheat, so it’s fine


Switching my team to:

:lum: 5
:valerie: 4
:menelker: 3
:midori: 2
:vendetta: 2
$16 total