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[Tournament] Lum's Long Odds - Ongoing!


OK let me get in on this, I need some more content for the YouTube channel or something.


Well, I was going to enjoy this tournament. But now I see that a man who has previously murdered me super hard has joined in.



When does it start?

I’ll jump on the carous… I mean, I’ll join!


I didn’t have an exact date in mind, but probably either Nov 5 or Nov 12.


I’ll play.

I disagree with mastrblastr and think the historical chart is the way to go. Theorycrafting can stay in the forums where it belongs.


Put me in!


When are sign ups ending for this? I’d like to have a think about it.


You’ve got at least until Nov 5. We’ll only have one league, so I don’t need much time to get things started after the signups close.


Sign Me Up


Everyone’s coming back! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :heart:


This format is ridiculous

…ridiculously interesting!

Count me in :grin:


In. Skeptical of the historical matchup chart (e.g. Gwen Troq is absolutely nowhere near 2.5-7.5), but this is a really fun concept.


Sounds like you have sure-fire points, if you can convince someone to pick into Troq against you (and you can make the historical chart just slightly more accurate at the same time). :slight_smile:


You should do well this tournament :wink:


So many old and new faces sign me up as well :slight_smile:


I am in. My life situation has changed and I am back.


The bittersweet retirement was a ruse. I get it.


Nah…the new job position didn’t work out, so I have more time now.


Ah. Sorry to hear that. But welcome back.


Seems like registrations are close to finished, so I’m going to officially make the deadline next Saturday, Nov 4 at 12 noon EST, and I’ll send out match convos on Sunday.