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[Tournament] Let's do this 2


Ill join as [Feral] Growth Finesse. thanks for the invite.


Green with some haste and removal! I like it!

@holytispon What are you holy rolling?

@Bob199 Who’s going first?


I’m running a semi random build: necro-present-fire


@holytispon i random numbered 41.

@Bob199 is this okay, or do you assign based on something else?


@codexnewb goes first against @holytispon


I’m liking all these mono color builds. Ptw deck has shown us the light.


Are we expecting the round 2 matchups to be posted soon? I have a surgery scheduled Friday, would like to make as much progress on my game as possible before then. If we need more time for the late arrivals, I understand.

Of course, it might be more entertaining to see what “interesting” plays a mind zonked out on pain medication will make.


Sounds good, thanks!


yeah, I made sure it won’t last very long either way by using Lich’s Bargain.


Bargains, plural XD


I almost played a third one and I think that it could have been good. In any case, I think the game will be over pretty soon.


Reminds me of this video:

Oh look, I have kings now!

or do you

I do.


I don’t know high-level Yomi (or really any of the expansion characters), but that was still highly entertaining


It’s a bit of a time commitment to watch the whole set (about 6 hours in all! I recommend a game or two per sitting), but Rooks vs the World remains my favorite Yomi set to watch because of the phenomenal blend of comedic and informative commentary. Here’s a convenient playlist I made for anyone who wants to watch it, since otherwise you’d have to dig through @mysticjuicer’s long list of videos (listen juicer, I love your channel, but you might want to rethink your playlists…! :wink:).


@Bomber678 is a very funny man. My favourite commentary bit ever is from that set.

“Play straight?
Jack eight?


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I’ve been meaning to ask about that for a while, since I don’t know what song(?) that section of commentary was referencing.


SMorc - The Face Is The Place


Round 2 matches! Player on top goes first.

@RathyAro (finesse + peace & truth)
@Zhavier (Anarchy + Strength & Growth)

@ARMed_Pirate (Discipline + Ninjutsu & Bashing)
@FrozenStorm (Future + Necro & Peace)

@holytispon (Necro + Present & Fire )
@Dreamfire (Blood + Feral & Present)


@Legion (PtW.dec)
@sKiTTer (Demonology + Future & Law)

@hobusu (Anarchy + Strength & Growth)
@Bob199 (Cala + Drakk & Quonce )

@codexnewb ( Feral + Growth & Finesse)
@Salrane (Present + Peace & Anarchy)


That was legitimately one of my favourite sets to commentate.

I love all commentary, but spending around 7 hours just watching Rooks beat up a programmer while cracking jokes and making banter is a good time.