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[Tournament] Let's do this 2


I’d love to see how that mirror match would go, @Hobusu


This is the last time I change my mind, I promise. I should have followed @rathyAro’s example and held off on registering until I had time to actually playtest my deck concept.

If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to go back to my original codex of [Demonology]/Future/Law.

I apologize for registering before I was ready to.


Would love to join but have a busy holiday season coming up and afraid I won’t be able to keep up. Will follow along though!


We need someone to come in on PtW.dec, so we can see whether the deck or its wielder are the true source of strength! :slight_smile:

Who wants to be our 10th with Demon/Necro/Finesse?


No harm in changing your mind pre-tourney! FWIW I think Black starter is definitely the way to go of those 3


@Bob199 too much strengh/growth for my taste. I’m gonna switch to [demon]/finesse/necro


That’s what I like to hear! I want my revenge lol


Sure, I’m in. (:

I’ll play as Anti-PTW.dec: [Discipline/Ninjutsu]/Bashing.
I am ridiculously inexperienced in all three specs, so this should not go well!


Is that “Anti-PTW”.dec or Anti-“PTW.dec”?


24 hours remaining for sign-ups / changes


Both, I think. It is both PTL.dec, and the opposite of PTW.dec.

It is not Anti-“PTW.dec” in the sense of being designed to counter PTW. I suppose Grave and MPM do a lot to those ends, and Iron Man helps out against Fencers pretty nicely. But I’m willing to bet Legion is better at running Black than I am at running White, so I’m not hopeful in that matchup.


I’m counting 10 on the list in your original post?


@ARMed_PIrate i am no @FrozenStorm, so my deck is PtW-ish at best :frowning2:


Round 1 matches! Player on top goes first.

@sKiTTer (Demonology + Future & Law)
@RathyAro (finesse + peace & truth)

@Zhavier (Anarchy + Strength & Growth)
@Legion (PtW.dec)

@hobusu (Anarchy + Strength & Growth)
@ARMed_Pirate (Discipline + Ninjutsu & Bashing)

@Bob199 (Cala + Drakk & Quonce )
@FrozenStorm (Future + Necro & Peace)

@Salrane (Present + Peace & Anarchy)
@Dreamfire (Blood + Feral & Present)

codexnewb ( Feral + Growth & Finesse)
holytispon (Necro + Present & Fire )


I missed this! am I too late to join or can I just join with a bye? :wink:


You can probably join with a bye. @Bob199 Is that cool?


alright, but I don’t know that there’s anyone active on this forums that hasn’t already joined.


@codexnewb @ascendingPrime @petE are candidates, @holytispon :slight_smile:


does any of you want to join the tournament a bit late? I’m a super easy opponent so you’ll get an easy win on round 1. Just ask FrozenStorm, my record against him is 1-infinity.


That sounds a lot like my record against ericf