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[Tournament] IYL6 SIGNUP/HYPE THREAD - Starts March 3rd! - Signups close Thursday 3/1


I proposed this rule change last year, and was successfully argued out of it, by arguments of variance, and also of whether some poor sap that was stuck at the bottom of his division would really appreciate being stuck in the single-elim playoffs with the sharks.


I think those same arguments still apply. Increasing the number of people who are involved in play-ins is much more exciting to me (and hopefully, others) than having 4 play-off spots determined by lottery.


Yeah, having been through it once last year, I agree, I’d rather just expand the play-in pool.


Format has not been finalized as vengefulpickle and I haven’t discussed things like this yet. (I, for one, wasn’t here when the last IYL happened and I kind of blatantly copied and pasted the rules assuming nothing had changed.)


Yeah, I’m not sure why I didn’t update the initial post with the fixed play-in rules, since we didn’t end up using the randomized version in the end.


I want in!


cpat told us to sign up so I did


Now that there has been some legwork involving Elo, maybe we can use that data to make even better divisions. As usual though be careful that they aren’t “so fair” that people can’t meet up to play their matches.


Yeah, When I ran IYL5, it was a tricky balancing act to take the list of divisions grouped as best as possible by times, and then take @Zqxx’s killers/knowns/newbs lists and adjust to approximately balance them. Elo makes for a more official-sounding list than killers/knowns/newbs, but that balancing act is still there.


Hey @cpat, now that you have been roped back in to the community as a TO, would you consider joining the IYL as a participant?


In. I mean “I’m in” because of the stupid forum restriction on post size.


I have not decided yet. Will have to think about it.


Everyone boycott the tournament if cpat doesn’t play imo.

It’s uhh, tradition, that the TO plays in IYL. It has never not happened, so yeah!


For hype’s sake , I dug up the archives of all previous IYL championships

IYL1 Champion: Raziek

IYL2 Champion: Leontes

IYL3 Champion: Thelo

IYL4 Champion: FenixOfTheAshes

IYL5 Champion: mysticjuicer


When I tried opening the IYL2 video, it said that video was unavailable. I went ahead and searched for it myself, so here’s two links:

IYL2 Finals

mysticjuicer’s video, featuring Bomber678, and Raziek’s video.

Edit: It also seems rude to spoil who wins, @Bob199! :wink:


Put me in, coach! :smiley_cat:


Count me in. :chibighost:

Prefer Time to play is weekday anytime after 2:00 am GMT or 9 pm EST to 2 am EST


Lemme at em!

Schedule will usually be 7:30p-10p Eastern (GMT…+6? Or is it +5?), but can vary. My job involves work in different states across months.


I am very in.


The Road to the Yomi Bowl begins, and the Deadman will not be left behind.