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[Tournament] IYL6 SIGNUP/HYPE THREAD - Starts March 3rd! - Signups close Thursday 3/1


ill play


eyyyyyy! Hartley returns?


Did you know that someone like me would sign up for this tournament? You did?! THAT MAKES YOU A WITCH! Or the Nox Oracle.

My availability is likely to be something like:
Monday-Tuesday: 4:30 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. CST
Saturday: 9:15 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. CST


I’m volunteering to be a warm body to have to climb over to get to the top.

I always suggest Monday or Thursday evenings 8:00PM EST to 11:00PM EST as a starting point. I can be flexible for other time zones.


It looks like my Yomi Olimpic Carnival run will be over shortly so sure sign me up for this.


“ClanNatioy went on to make it to grand finals from round 1 losers.”


Please mark me down as a participant. Yomi is a great game, and you all are a great community to play with. I’m at EST (GMT -5), and best times for me are weekends.
Also avail most weekday mornings before 8am and some weekday evenings after 6pm.
Good luck to everyone, and thanks to the TOs for the effort.


Just want to sign up before I somehow forget.

My timezone is PST. I am the antithesis of an early bird, so ideally my matches wouldn’t have to start earlier than 10am PST.


Ope, count me in! I’m in CST, and I work during the week so weekends are usually best, but I can still make it to stuff happening after about 6pm CST most nights! :chibilum:


Let’s do it. :quince:


yooooooooooooo! :smiley:


It’s with great sadness that I’m gonna have to pass on IYL this year (and probably summer smash too). I’m really running low on spare time to dedicate to scheduling, what with everything going on in my life right now. Hopefully next year I’ll return to active yomi duty :disappointed_relieved:


i’m throwing my hat in the ring.

i’m in an odd us timezone, arizona standard time. (arizona is always utc -700 and does not observe daylight savings time. So until march 13th, i’m equivalent to us mountain standard time. after march 13, i’ll be equivalent to us pacific daylight time.)

i’m a housewife though, and i have a generally flexible schedule. i can do anytime after noon (utc 1900) most weekdays.


You will be missed. :cry:


hello i have been coerced by my good friend MI-GO HUNTER to enter IYL6 this year

i will totally not be picking rook every game


edit: preferred time is tuesday/thursday any time

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Sign me up

Timezone is CST


I’m in. Doing it for my man Juushichi.



JST Timezone






Rinzler the God.