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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous suMmer Swiss (CAMS19)

Tournaments are play to win, mate :wink: expect no mercy in gameplay, but plenty of friendliness otherwise


I will smile and be very friendly while i crush you. :smiley:


Honestly, it’s the spooky scary skeletons.

Sure, sign me up with [peace]/truth/finesse :slight_smile:

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I know about playing to win. Just kidding about that. I know full well why he would unleash such horrors on us.


You still around, @tie?

Still around but low on time. I wrote an online version of codex w/ full rules engine and have been reserving what little free time I have to finish and publish it :slight_smile:


Awesome. Looking forward to it. Take as long as you need.


Woah, outta nowhere with the “don’t worry guys, I’ve almost solved everything”.
I’m pretty hype for that.


Wow summer already? I’m in. Thanks for organizing another tourney!

I´m in, too. Not sure about the deck yet.


I’ll also join the illustrious round of codex tournament players! i’m already excited and a bit nervous :blush:

also not really sure about my deck… still need a bit more thinking

@FrozenStorm okay, enough thinking - I’d like to lock in mono green as my deck, declared goal: play 4 games! :wink:


On second thought, I’d like to play [discipline/Strength]/finesse instead of mono white if that’s okay.

im in, deck tbd.

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Pls, count me in

Oh yes, I guess I should submit my deck.
This time, I shall play [Finesse]/Peace/Truth.
Let’s see if Ryker is right…

Few days away from the start y’all! 16 team field so far, exciting, if you’re on the fence don’t hesitate to jump in!

Friendly reminder to @codexnewb @bansa @Unity @Nekoatl and @Persephone, please submit your deck choices to me by monday morning.

Have a great weekend all!

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My choice: Balance/Present/Growth. Thank you :wink:

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@Nekoatl and @bansa please submit your deck choices by 10am UTC-5 tomorrow! I will be posting pairings then (if you’re late I’ll just force a pairing of the two of you so it doesn’t hold up the rest of the group ^_^)

Looking forward to it everyone!

ugh, would love to partecipate, but i suck as a codex player T__T